by Nicola Capradossi and Paolo Montecchiari

Kazed was born in Tolentino, in the heart of the Made in Italy leather goods district, in 2017, thanks to two young clothing designers, Nicola Capradossi and Paolo Montecchiari. It is based on an idea that starts from what we have called “bag” up until today. A revolutionary concept of modular and fully customizable bags that can change over time adapting to new needs.

Here innovation goes hand in hand with tradition and craftsmanship, which can not be renounced. From this combination the first hi-tech-chic capsule collection by KAZED was born, an interweaving of luxury and inspiration. “Case Revolution”: the revolution of practicality and creativity applied to everyday objects, which can be adapted to the needs of every type of person and to every type of situation with the sole limit of imagination: tech, travel, minimalist, beauty, writing.

The products are made entirely by hand, with the love, care and attention of the great renaissance artisan workshop. The best leathers combined with cutting-edge technologies offered in a minimal design. A present with a touch of the past, celebrating the emblematic contrast between what has been and what it is, through the revival of the timeless briefcase and the first stiff leather executive-case. Italianness is enhanced by the refinement of design and the attention to detail that mark the silhouettes of the bags and accessories and accentuate the refined details. With a stylish soul, the Kazed bags respond to the dynamism of the modern dandy with versatility and pragmatism.

History, tradition, ability to be on the market with products of the highest quality, have always been the characteristics appreciated all over the world, offered by the companies and by the master leather goods manufacturers of the Marches. Tolentino in particular, the city where KAZED was born, is the heart of a district where inimitable ability and dexterity are an international reference for all the major leather fashion and accessories brands.