Il Falegname


di Diego Storani

A project born more than ten years ago, back in 2005, when Diego took over an old shop in Montecassiano (Macerata). A real historical, 1949, where the former owner, Benito Startani, worked lifetime, giving this place a somewhat magical and slightly retro air that you can still perceive by visiting the laboratory.

Carpenter and restorer, Diego, has always wanted to make products completely made by himself, manufacturing them personally from the beginning until finishing, entirely in an artisan way. With this assumption the brand Bottegà was born. A project realized thanks to the help of friends, the unshakable convictions of Diego and more recently his son himself who brought the idea for a new original product: Lobò , the Android .

Each item proposed by Diego is entirely handmade in respect of the environment; for this reason it uses only adhesives with a low content of harmful substances and a natural beeswax (also made by a local beekeeper), in order not to alter the natural color of the wood and don’t pollute the environment.

Specifically, the latest arrival in the family, the lovely Lobò, is created using recycled materials found in the workshop. Every detail and every little imperfection are meticulously thought to reflect this nature and offer so many different models from each other. Each Lobò is in fact unique and has the very personal stamp of approval of the son of Diego. “DISCOVER THE ART OF HANDMADE” Here every product is the result of long hours of work, done by hand according to the ancient tradition…

Via Aldo Moro n.19, Montecassiano 62010 (MC) Contact the Artisan