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Giorgia Castignoli born in 1973 in Piacenza, where she still lives and works.

She graduated in sculpture at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (“academy of fine arts of Brera”) and she participated in collective and personal exhibitions in her city and Milan’s area. After, Giorgia finds a job in the restoration of frescoes and stone materials and she love it. Some time after she to interrupt the exhibition activity, but without abandoning sculpture, for conceiving it as a personal and silent research that will allow her to integrate and complete her personality.

Since 2010 she has devoted herself only to the artistic production, both sculptural and two-dimensional, in which she exploits the experience and sensitivity acquired in the restoration and integrating the materials and techniques of the classic restoration with contemporary materials and techniques.

This unique mix can be easily see in her artistic panels, the type of work that allow her to experiment more than anywhere else. She also do various collaboration with design studios and interior designers, and she participated at the CERSAIE. Giorgia is especially devoted to the creation of panels and sculptures. Her artistic panels are unique pieces born from the experience with restoration of frescoes and stones.

The panels are characterized by a solid appearance, similar to stone, obtained with particular mortars mixed with colored marble powders, sand, pigments, and the lightness of the support. All the part of her pieces of work vary both for ingredients and proportions, according to the environments in which they are inserted. The sculptures are created with traditional materials such as plaster and clay, and she also uses modern materials such as papier-mâché, resin and concrete. The figurative style of papier-mâché and plaster works does not preclude however a strictly contemporary concept and realization, away from the classical idea of sculpture.

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