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Artisan and artistic workings in Leccese stone by Gabriele Pici

This Home decor catalogue is a showcase of unique sculptures that combine art and manual work. The artistic craftsmanship of Gabriele Pici brings to life an original interpretation of lamps, wall lights and other creations that enhances the light effects, creating a warm cocooning ambience, ideal for both classic and modern interiors’ design.

The GP Interior design collection was born from the passion and experience of Gabriele Pici, master of handcraft Lecce stone. Gabriele è un artista-artigiano di Lecce, in Salento, dove sin dal 2000 ha iniziato a lavorare la pietra leccese presso una storica bottega locale. “Lecce stone is versatile and easily malleable allowing me to create unique and sinuous shapes starting from a block of stone and an idea … Every sculpture is a challenge between tightness and fragility, between the stone’s static nature and its dynamic potential in order to give new life and humanity to a material already carved by nature, the source of my inspiration.

My hands become one with the block of stone I model using exclusively rasps, chisels, hammer and other traditional tools “. Peculiarity of Gabriele Pici is in fact, that of not to draw his ideas on paper, not to create sketches on which you can correct or reason, but to challenge the block of stone, relying only on his own hands and on what that from thinking will turn finally in extraordinary sculpture. The Lecce’s stone therefore, is for Gabriele Pici a means of emulation: “possibility to create a second nature. Second nature that reflects the way I feel and live the real one”. His artistic repertoire is represented by original creations for the inner furnishing where they find expression; lamps, appliques, little tables and chairs that through games of soft lighting, warm and enveloping, furnish classic and modern environments.

Il lavoro esclusivamente manuale rende ogni oggetto di questa collezione home-decor unico ed il rifiuto dell’ausilio di macchinari garantisce autenticità e preserva al tempo stesso la storia di un antico mestiere. L’arredamento si arricchisce di piccoli capolavori in pietra color avorio, ispirati da alberi di ulivo o scogli scolpiti dal mare e dal vento, eseguiti completamente a mano e spesso caratterizzati dalla presenza di fossili principalmente provenienti da fauna marina, che vengono preservati ed arricchiscono ancor di più la collezione GP Interior Design.

La Pietra Leccese - Tradizione e Ispirazione

Leccese Stone – Tradition and Inspiration

Lecce stone is a unique calcareous limestone from Salento (Apulia region), found specifically near the city of Lecce; there are many different varieties of the stone, classified depending on their physical and chemical composition. One of them is the Leccisu, known for its fine grain and homogeneous structure. Frequently the word Leccisu (from the Salentino dialect) is used to indicate any Leccese stone.

With its typical colors ranging from white to pale yellow, Lecce Stone is a compact and finely-grained limestone; used by architects and sculptors alike, it is highly malleable due to the presence of clay and it can be modeled by hands.

Much sought-after and appreciated by artists, it has reached international fame thanks to the local artisans who over the centuries have given life to the complex Lecce Baroque architecture. Among the most significant examples are the friezes, capitals, pinnacles and rosettes decorating several building and churches in Lecce, a city commonly nicknamed the Florence of the South”.

The most important monuments in the Lecce area, dating back to the Baroque era, are the Church of the Holy Cross (Basilica di Santa Croce) and the Lecce Cathedral (Duomo di Lecce).. Lecce stone has a unique way of reflecting light, which makes the decorative elements visually appealing.

Over the time, processing techniques have been influenced by the use of machinery in order to speed up production times, but GP Interior Design is an example of how old-fashioned methods passed on from generation to generation protecting the charm and uniqueness of handcrafted work.


GP Interior Design - Packaging

GP Interior Design – Packaging

The packaging GP Interior Design was created with the dual function of safely transporting our products and offering at the same time an elegant and original presentation. The wooden boxes, with cardboard packaging that guarantees greater eco-compatibility, were designed and handcrafted by the Kaleidos Cooperative, of which Gabriele Pici has been a partner since 2014, and we recommend our customers to creatively repurpose them.

Kaleidos deals with the restoration of real and personal property of historical and artistic value, reinterpretation and trade of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture as well as interiors’ design and décor.

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The "Pietra Leccese" and CraftsmanshipLa Pietra Leccese nell’arte e nell’artigianato

Since the Middle Ages, architects and sculptors, were recalled by the beauty and flexibility of local stone.Sin dal Medioevo, architetti e scultori locali, sono stati richiamati dalla bellezza e duttilità della pietra leccese.

The creative nature of Gabriele Pici, artist of pietra lecceseLa natura creativa di Gabriele Pici, artista della pietra leccese

Lecce stone is for Gabriele Pici half emulation which gives him the ability to create a second nature. Second nature that reflects his way of feeling and living the real oneLa pietra leccese è per Gabriele Pici un mezzo di emulazione che gli dà la possibilità di creare una natura seconda. Natura seconda che rispecchia il suo modo di sentire e vivere quella reale.