Gabriele Pici


Handicraft manifacturing in Lecce’s stone

“Get inspiration from nature and from its rich events,” this is the creative nature of Gabriele Pici, worthy representative of that artistic expression that is the craft of Salento, and in particular of the local stone. His mission, as he likes to call it, began about 15 years ago, when by chance he learns to grip hammer and chisel in artisanal workshop of Salento “Petre” by Renzo Buttazzo.

It’s here in fact that, fascinated by the porosity and the ductility of this calcareous rock, he remains enthralled to the point that he can not do without release unique and sinuous shapes from the inert block; giving life to a heroic gesture aimed at bring out a masterpiece already existing, but only still trapped in a piece of ivory-colored stone.

Peculiarity of Gabriele Pici is in fact, that of not to draw his ideas on paper, not to create sketches on which you can correct or reason, but to challenge the block of stone, relying only on his own hands and on what that from thinking will turn finally in extraordinary sculpture. The Lecce’s stone therefore, is for Gabriele Pici a means of emulation: “possibility to create a second nature. Second nature that reflects the way I feel and live the real one”. His artistic repertoire is represented by original creations for the inner furnishing where they find expression; lamps, appliques, little tables and chairs that through games of soft lighting, warm and enveloping, furnish classic and modern environments.

Typical of Salento, Lecce’s stone is a calcareous rock known for its malleability, resistance and easy processing, it takes a tonality of color amber. Its appreciated in the artistic field, its has reached an international reputation thanks to local craft that over the centuries has produced the complex architecture of the Lecce’s Baroque. Significant examples are the friezes, capitals, pinnacles and rosettes that decorate many of the palaces and churches of Lecce and of the Salento.


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The "Pietra Leccese" and CraftsmanshipLa Pietra Leccese nell’arte e nell’artigianato

Since the Middle Ages, architects and sculptors, were recalled by the beauty and flexibility of local stone.Sin dal Medioevo, architetti e scultori locali, sono stati richiamati dalla bellezza e duttilità della pietra leccese.

The creative nature of Gabriele Pici, artist of pietra lecceseLa natura creativa di Gabriele Pici, artista della pietra leccese

Lecce stone is for Gabriele Pici half emulation which gives him the ability to create a second nature. Second nature that reflects his way of feeling and living the real oneLa pietra leccese è per Gabriele Pici un mezzo di emulazione che gli dà la possibilità di creare una natura seconda. Natura seconda che rispecchia il suo modo di sentire e vivere quella reale.