Filo & Foglia


by Roberto Magnani

Roberto has always lived immersed in art and nature: he loved (and still loves) to walk, paint and observe flowers and leaves. After his studies, he joined a footwear company where he took care of the samples and the selection of materials. There, almost by chance, he discovered the world of vegetable dyeing and ecoprinting. In one technique he sees all his passions converge and so he begins to study and follow courses on the subject, becoming every day more and more aware of how frantic and toxic the fashion world is today, for those who work there and for the environment.

Today Roberto is a spokesman of the Slowfashion and the concept of sustainable fashion (dressing in an ecological way, without polluting the environment, and protecting the planet and all those who live there). In addition to making eco-friendly garments, he also participates in trade fairs in order to make his new philosophy known to as many people as possible.

Roberto personally selects the raw materials (such as organic cotton, linen, and hemp) that he use, continuing his research of fabrics with low environmental impact. As for coloring, he relies on Mother Nature and the wonders that plants and their essence can do, even using ancient extraction techniques.

In addition to vegetable dyeing Roberto also uses “eco-printing”, the ecological botanical print born at the end of the last century. During the eco-printing process the leaves, flowers, and roots are applied in direct contact with the fabric so that natural colors, shapes and perfumes are imprinted in the fabric. “Filo e Foglia” is love for nature and beauty, love for life and for small moments, love for handmade and for things done with the heart.

Indossa la Natura per ritrovare le tue radici! (Wear nature, find your roots!)