Fibre in Luce


by Stefania Baglieri

Stefania is a Sicilian artisan and she has a long passion for craftsmanship and Made in Italy. Stefania was born in 1974 in a town in the province of Ragusa, Vittoria. She still lives and works. Immediately after graduating as Master of the Fabric Arts, at the ISIS “Giosuè Carducci”, Stefania do some course and subsequently she graduates in “Art of the Decoration” at the Academy of Ragusa. Also, over the years, Stefania took training courses for modern technical textile design.

Stefania mainly deals with weaving by hand, creating stoles and scarves, but recently she tries making hemp hats and, with the collaboration of professional tailors, she recently created a summer clothing collection, made of “all white hemp” and other fabrics made by her.

This “mistress of the fabric” has always believed in Made in Italy and when she noticed that globalization was flooding the Italian market of foreign productions, she active herself in first person. It was hard, full of obstacles to such an extent that Stefania almost changed her jobs! But in the end she managed to fulfill her dream: on January 5, 2019 she opened her first showroom, in Modica (also in the province of Ragusa). It is only the beginning and the road is still long, but Stefania is ready to accept the challenge, reinvigorated by a new desire to do and learn.

In addition to opening her first showroom, Stefania’s career was studded with participation in various events and in 2008 she received the recognition “DONNA DELL’ANNO 2008 (WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2008) ” for her work.