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by Fabiola Ronconi

Fabiola Ronconi was born in Rimini on May 14, 1963 and has always lived in Bellaria Igea Marina. This small seaside town on the Adriatic coast ended up to be the perfect frame for her creativity. The great passion of Fabiola is to create handmade clothing by herself. A passion that begins a long time ago, when Fabiola was still a young girl (16 years old) and she liked to stand out from the crowd and express herself so she start to make her own clothes, taking inspiration from different fashion magazines.

Then she brought her passion to the next level by attending a cutting and sewing course to learn the basics of sewing and to perfect her own skills, trying to capture the secrets of this ancient and important manual craft. In 1992 she then enrolled in the School for Industrial Designer in Rimini and degree.

Actually her great passion for fashion, design and handmade was nothing more than a hobby for years, during this time however she create tailor-made clothes for her friends and acquaintances, even a wedding dress. About 3 years ago she presented her first collection in a big organized event.

Fabiola works first of all as employee and mother, but her great passion convinced her, in May 2017, to open a atelier and realizing her greatest dream. In “Fabiola Ronconi Atelier” each garment is designed and handcrafted, the fabrics are strictly made in Italy, synonymous of elegance and uniqueness in the world. The great experience and the fabrics quality make the “Fabiola Ronconi Atelier” garments exclusive, and her brand the real made in Italy in Italy.

Via Dante Alighieri, 10 47814 Igea Marina RN Contact the Artisan

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Fabiola Ronconi Atelier, 100% designed and crafted handmadeFabiola Ronconi Atelier, 100% disegnato e realizzato artigianalmente

Fabiola Ronconi lives in Bellaria Igea Marina. In this town on the Adriatic coast she found the frame to express her creativity by creating personally and artisanal garments.Fabiola Ronconi vive a Bellaria Igea Marina. In questa cittadina affacciata sulla costa adriatica ha trovato la cornice per esprimere la sua creatività creando personalmente e artigianalmente capi di abbigliamento.