By Norbert Oettl

The new trendy brand comes from South Tyrol and is called Embawo!

Norbert Oettl, the creator of the brand is an eclectic young man who has successfully combined fashion with the ancient art of carpentry in a union of style and originality.

As a model, he has paraded for the great brands of international fashion but Norbert firstly is actually a carpenter and directs his vivid creativity to combine two passions in an original idea: a line of high class handbags which are ecological and innovative, but with an eye to the past.

Norbert’s creations combine the most excellent artisan knowledge of made in Italy with the most innovative and avant-garde design. Currently developing on three lines: Easy, Chic, Luxury.

For the various target groups of customers with different requirements, each line includes several models, for woman and unisex, available in different types of wood and leather.


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Embawo - The most sublime crafts vs an innovative DesignEmbawo - La più eccelsa arte artigianale vs un innovativo Design

A brand that combines in a single product the respect for the environment, uniqueness and much, much class ...Un marchio che riunisce in un unico prodotto, rispetto per l'ambiente, unicità e tanta classe ...

The Wood a "friend" of manIl legno un "amico" dell'uomo

The man has always been able to use, with more or less advanced techniques, the timber is as an energy source and as a starting material for the production of goods.L'uomo da sempre ha saputo utilizzare, con tecniche più o meno avanzate, il legno sia come fonte energetica sia come materiale di partenza per la realizzazione di beni.