di Marco Della Pietra

DP EMME is a family-run company founded almost 20 years ago, in 1999, by Marco della Pietra. Thanks to his passion for design objects and design in general which, over time, led him to crown the dream to have its own line of products that represents his creative inspiration.

Marco’s products have a minimal and essential style, very recognizable, with simple and geometric shapes; he use raw metal and treated them with natural finishing techniques. To help design, Marco uses state-of-the-art tools and latest-generation hardware/software: he designs in CAD and have a large fleet of equipment for material deformation, material removal, welding and finishing that includes micro-shot blasting with ceramic balls, satin finishing, sandblasting and mirror polishing.

DP Emme is a metal workshop specializing in creating medium-light metalworking structures in stainless steel, aluminum, iron and brass. It produces various kinds of objects, mainly interior furnishing and accessories both for individuals and shops. In particular, DPemme is specialize in lighting supports, window displays, objects and everything that belongs in the interior design category.

In addition to the standard product line DPEmme also do tailor-made. The main strong point of this carpentry is the close collaboration with the customer, a cornerstone essential for the realization of the right product. Marco does everything to understand the specific needs of each customer to create the perfect personalized product, a product that can fit at best in the environment which it is intended and that reflects the wishes and taste of the customer.

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DP EMME: virtual, solid & long-lastingDP EMME: virtuale, solido e duraturo

Marco della Pietra has a minimal and essential style that manages to convert perfect in the metal works he did, thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the industry.Marco della Pietra ha uno stile minimal ed essenziale che riesce a rendere alla perfezione sul metallo grazie a più di 20 anni di esperienza nel settore. Nel suo arsenale ha il CAD e macchinari d'avanguardia.