Delve Artisanal Jewelry


di Evangeline De Sosa

Delve is an independent brand founded in Rome in 2016, by Evangeline De Sosa. Every jewel she creates is the result of a careful interior and exterior study performs for each piece. Each of them is unique and a tribute to the imperfect harmony of naturalistic and feminine forms. Evangeline jewels are micro-sculptures made for give emotions through sight and touch. Evangeline is not content to create a beautiful jewel, every buyer live an experience of his own through the jewel she/he is buying.

The motto of this brand is “ Delve is feminine elegance “. Evengeline’s creations are eclectic and aim to highlight feminine sophistication and elegance. All of this is possible thanks to a carefull choice in materials, details and additional precious stones. The Delve collection is inspired by the Art Nouveau, in particular the one about the forms of nature, especially floral field, an element that is naturally associated with the female essence in various cultures.

Delve collection is based on a series of geometric shapes that represent a stylized and minimal version of the female body and the animal world, for next develop into inflorescences and games of refined and pleasing shapes. Thanks to this union Delve Artisanal Jewelry Art manages to be at the same time: classic, experimental and contemporary.

Just one year after its creation, in 2017, Delve won the MArtelive “Artistic Crafts” contest, thus establishing the indisputable refinement of Evangeline’s creations. In addition to this, Evangeline was exhibited at the Museo di Arte Moderna “Vittoria Colonna” during the two-year SAVE (2018) and at the “ Arte in Regola ” a gallery in Rome. and at Tevere Art Gallery and the cultural center “ Elsa Morante ” during the 99 ARTS.

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DELVE, women’s eleganceDELVE, eleganza femminile

Evangeline De Sosa is a young and eclectic artisan who has already won MArteLive (2017) and has participated in various events, even though her brand is not even 4 years old!Evangeline De Sosa è una giovane ed eclettica artigiana che ha già vinto il concorso MArteLive 2017 e ha partecipato a svariati eventi, nonostante il suo brand non abbia nemmeno 4 anni.