Cuor di Pelle


by Daniele Caselli

Daniele is a young artisan from Florence. He inherited the shop from his grandfather, a tailor, and this workshop is located in a quiet area between the Synagogue and the famous Piazza Sant’Ambrogio. Daniel used to visit his grandfather to admire him while he was making his textile creations. Now that place has become “Cuor di Pelle” the activity of Daniele, where he realizes handbags, belts and leather accessories handmade.

Cuor di Pelle is born in September 2016. Daniele change is life, previously he had done computer studies and he uses that study into the creation of the store interiors, designing a unique shop window. This craftsman makes bracelets, belts, bags, passport holders, brush holders, bottle holders, “alternative” wallets and in the course of his career, he has also made dozens of unique pieces.

His specialty is hand stitching, we mean the whole category of high added value jobs, just for the time necessary for their realization. For this reason, the activity of Daniele focuses only on the processing of Genuine Leather, a fantastic material to the touch, with great value and longevity. With such a material, inspiration is almost a game and it is wonderful to observe how simple shapes harmonize with needles and thread until they become real creations.

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Daniele Caselli, the leather craftsman from the heart of FlorenceIntervista a Daniele Caselli, artigiano della pelle nel cuore di Firenze

Cuor di Pelle (Daniele Caselli) is a young craftsman. In this interview, we'll find out what led him to choose this lifestyle and some of his "trade secrets".Cuor di Pelle (Daniele Caselli) è un giovane artigiano che realizza borse in pelle. L'abbiamo intervistato per scoprire cosa l'abbia portato a scegliere questo stile di vita e se era disposto a dirci qualche "segreto del mestiere".