Creazioni Artistiche Satodà


by Sandro Cadinu

Satodà is an artisan company based in Mamoiada, Sardinia, which works mainly with wood, designing and building furniture items characterized by a high degree of innovation.

Starting from the love for artisanship and for his own family (in fact “Satodà” is an acronym of the name of the owner with that of his wife and son) for over fifteen years Sandro creates items designed entirely by himself. At first for Sandro Cadinu this was only a personal creative interest, but it soon became, with passion and perseverance, his main activity. In his workshop he creates pieces that are unique and customized, built using various techniques exclusively artisanal, and keeping constantly an eye to flexibility and adaptation to specific needs.

His creations are not simply reinterpretations of the typical Sardinian style, but they involve also studies on structure and logistics, with which the craftsman from Mamoiada creates pieces that are not only beautiful to the eye, but also usable by everyone with ease, using comfortable and smart solutions. Every product carries the small differences and peculiar characteristics that attest the manufacturing process. Behind every Satodà creation there is the will to study and to meet the real needs of customers. Sandro, in fact always makes his knowledge available to his customers: suspended nightstands, like many other artisanal objects, can be made according customers estrus and particular requests, in different shapes and colors, with or without typical Sardinian incisions. Particularity of these furniture objects is obviously the fact that they are suspended: this makes possible for different and more creative arrangement of furniture, because these nightstands don’t occupy floor space, simplifying cleaning.

Satodà makes also the typical Mamuthones masks with a particular leather treatment. The leather masks are processed with resin is made with techniques of accurate shaping of molds in wood created by the artisan. The wooden masks are made by carving. The laboratory uses competently all joinery techniques, starting from design to construction and inlaid decoration.


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Creazioni Satodà - Sardinian craftsmanship in the name of the traditionsCreazioni Satodà - L'artigianato sardo all'insegna delle tradizioni

Creazioni Satodà was born from the passion for craftsmanship, the works designed and drawn by hand and from the great love of Sandro Cadinu for the family, which led him, in 1997, to start his artisan business in Mamoiada, Sardinia.Creazioni Satodà nasce dalla passione per l’artigianato, le opere progettate e disegnate a mano e dal grande amore di Sandro Cadinu per la famiglia che lo hanno portato, nel 1997, a dar vita alla sua attività artigianale a Mamoiada, in Sardegna.