Constància Bags


by Giusy Balzano

Constància Bags was born in the heart of Tuscany, from the passion for traditions and the processing of vegetable tanned leather, of the Campania Fashion Designer Giusy Balzano. More than a brand, Constància wants to represent a philosophy, trying to enhance the made in Italy craftsmanship as much as possible and carrying the message that luxury, elegance and attention to detail, can only be born from the skilled hands of the artisans, they that put a piece of their life and their ingenuity to create something exclusive designed for each individual interlocutor.

Starting from the perspective of wanting to stand out for the uniqueness of the proposals and focusing on the great value of the ‘unique piece’, Constància Bags, in fact, proposes to offer something really different, presenting an elegant brand but in the same way, giving vent to originality typical of “handmade” craftsmanship and the importance of customization.

I started my adventure because, at a certain point in my life, I looked around and I realized that I had all the useful and necessary tools to start an “engine” and try to do it start pointing it in the right direction. First of all, I had the ideas, as a creative and designer, and these ideas arose when I realized that everything that is currently on the market in the end is all the same, both in terms of materials and design. My project is something inimitable, as when I design and create it myself, every time for each individual final consumer, it is never the same. I was also in possession of the essential raw material, namely “real leather, real leather”. Finally, the last fundamental tool that came to me almost by chance and fate, the mastery and pure High Artistic Craftsmanship of unique collaborators who know how to engrave leather with special manual tools “.

Constància Bags creations are small creatures first imagined, then drawn freehand; then the model in salpa is created and built and then slowly made with care and the best leathers in its smallest details. The raw material used, in fact, comes from their own tannery, also all Italian, which produces only top quality full-grain leathers, 100% vegetable tanned and hand buffered. A tannery that was born in 1952 and where the company philosophy is to combine traditional tanning techniques with the most current fashion trends. The tools used for the carving and tooling technique (a very widespread technique in Texas) that embellish the Constància creations are: swivel knife, mallet and burins of various kinds.

Via Pietro Borsieri, 3 56028 - San Miniato (PI) Contact the Artisan

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Unique and original bags, clutches and suitcases, the result of the inventiveness of Giusy Balzano Fashion Design and the craftsmanship of the master Guido Lacquaniti.Borse, pochette e valigie uniche ed originali, frutto dell’inventiva della Fashion Design Giusy Balzano e della manualità artigiana del maestro Guido Lacquaniti.