When technology dresses art

An idea by Vasco Petruzzi, Roman, born in 1971, to bring Italian art and design on personal computers. Through a blend of performance, technology and high level design and with eyes always well open to innovation, domotic, data security and teleassistance. For the first time in history, a personal computer will be truly personal.

The Personal Computer is, de facto, a tool, although very useful, unaesthetic and usually forces the user to hide it, with many difficulties; hence the objective of ComputArte: to evolve the computer as object of furnishing, significantly decreasing the size, thanks to the miniaturization of components, placing it at the center of domotic with its own unique artistic value, that reflects the subjective aesthetic taste of the person who uses it.

The search for beauty and for originality of the product are born from a solid base of resistant and hand-crafted materials able to guarantee an excellent quality not only for the inside but also fot the outside. They have been already tested materials such as wood, glass, ceramics, marble and leather, while at the level of electronic components ComputArte® aims at the largest and most reliable market producers including Intel, Kingston, Toshiba, Panasonic, Pioneer, etc. The processing steps provide the laser cutting of the steel, then there are the manual steps: welding, polishing, assembly and construction of the flow diverters of the cooling system. In addition, the artistic touch that makes unique the exemplaries already numbered and distinguishable from each other is donated by artists who customize the surfaces of the models with spectacular colors and materials.

The Collection consists of 137 innovative ornamental models that allow the integration of high performance components in extremely compact volumes and a patented cooling system that allows average temperatures of 21% lower. The project also aims to reduce by at least 2/3 the environmental impact of disposal and set to zero the pollution by CO2 one with a solution totally powered by photovoltaic cells.


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