Ceramiche Santalucia


By Michele Santalucia

The productiveness of Michele Santalucia is based on three parameters: study, continuous research and a strong passion conveyed by excellent dexterity. In 1994 Michele graduated from the “Nicola da Guardiagrele” Institute in Chieti, and began immediately to work as ceramist in some workshops in Abruzzo. After that he moved to Spain, more precisely in Seville, to learn new techniques and artistic expressions. There he had the opportunity to work with historical workshops, learning the classic Andalusian style.

In 2006 he returned to Francavilla al Mare and opened his own workshop, where he still works today: creating personal shapes and new decorations, bringing back styles of Andalusian ceramics, “cuerda seca“, typical decorations of “azulejos“, with the influence of the typical Abruzzo’s style. He also makes modern creations that are completely original and personal. In the classical sector he found a strong influence in the great ceramic of Abruzzo: from Castelli to Rapino, also influenced by the great ceramists: from Grue to Cascella.

A very important aspect to remember is that his decorations, like his objects, are made by hand according to the ancient techniques of ceramics processing. His constant experimentation and research allowed him to create original artifacts that follow a specific design line. He chooses carefully the raw materials: precious materials surely donate elegance to an item, and even before it is shaped by the hands of artisans, they define the constitutive structures of the object.

The goal of Ceramiche Santalucia is to create products that stand out for quality and refinement to become unique pieces through the in-depth study of tradition, the high quality of the items, the continuous research of the various facets of contemporary taste.

The items made by Ceramiche Santalucia enter the homes of those who appreciate them to give a touch of glamour, precious, but nice to the environment that hosts them

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