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by Giuseppe Liberati

Bottega Ceramiche Liberati is an artistic and artisan institution, pride of the region Abruzzo, dedicated to the manufacture of ceramics, from the production of the biscuit to the decoration, and the creation of unique pieces through the skilled hands of the Master potter Giuseppe Liberati, that fuses art and craft carrying on the tradition of art pottery of Abruzzo.

In 1980 Giuseppe opened his first workshop in his father’s house, 70 square meters where he established early on that each piece would have been made by hand, with a skilled workforce that would be trained and specialized within the company, under his careful and scrupulous leadership.

Guided by the belief that tradition should open up to the time in which it operates and from the beginning he decided that tradition and innovation should have to live harmoniously. In this context, particular attention has been devoted to the study of shapes, colors and decorations, to give every single object its own artistic value. Since then, experimentation and innovation play a primary role in his laboratory, becoming a fundamental part of the business philosophy.

With the new millennium Giuseppe starts a new production cycle and begins to put into practice all that he has experienced in the past. The new production of unique pieces is highly appreciated by both critics and enthusiasts, so in 2006 the Abruzzo Region organized an exhibition for him in Palazzo dell’Emiciclo in L’Aquila. The event was a success, and at that time his master Bozzelli symbolically passed him the scepter with this sentence: “I can now say that I’ve passed”. For the production of the modern single pieces homemade, enamels are used, often enriched with crystals, interventions in 3rd fire with pure gold, platinum or lusterware, raku and recycled materials. Finally, a few years ago  a particular technique was adopted that makes it possible to print photos, images and logos on any ceramic support.

Significant notes

Significant notes

Tribute to Pope

Giuseppe Liberati paid homage in person to Pope John Paul II with one of his works: Christ h. 50 x 55 cm

Mediterranean Games

The Company Ceramiche d’Arte Liberati was exclusive and official supplier of the Organizing Committee of the XVI Mediterranean Games (Pescara, 2009), for the production of ceramic Mascot, Logo, Ceramics Representative and Medals of the Games.


Collectors’ bottle with ceramic label, limited edition made 400 copies, for Cantina Tollo in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.
The bottle No. 1 was donated to President Giorgio Napolitano.


The motto of Liberati can be summed up in this simple phrase: “In my work there is no point of arrival, and to set targets would limit creativity”.

Ethical Party Favors

The Company Liberati has partnered with the federal government CISC Abruzzo and the association of social promotion Mate with the aim of supporting activities of social and political utility, which is called Corporate Social Responsibility.

Pottery Classes

Making pottery has roots in the history and ancient culture of humanity. Rediscover the contact with things made by human hands, unleash their creativity through a process of learning and training that slowly leads to mastery the manipulation of matter. Starting point for the search of the physical, mental and social wellness.


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Liberati Ceramiche d'Arte - Experimentation and innovationLiberati Ceramiche d’Arte - Sperimentazione e Innovazione

Since 1980 Liberati Ceramics merges art and craft carrying on the tradition and art pottery AbruzzoDal 1980 Liberati Ceramiche fonde arte e artigianato portando avanti la tradizione e l’arte ceramica abruzzese