Bolle di Vetro


by Daniela D’Amato.

Born in 1963 in Popoli, in the province of Pescara, Daniela, already very young, proves to be very creative and with particular manual and artistic skills that she shows in the creation of small objects of costume jewelry. She thus undertakes artistic studies, but in the end her passion ends up being, for several years, just a hobby for her spare time, between the work of window dresser and that of mother. Only later, at 45 years old and thanks to the help of two friends, she manages to turn her hobby into a real profession, and finally opens a shop of costume jewelry.

With enthusiasm and a great desire to get involved, the three friends start their adventure, producing beautiful craft jewelry and attending every fair, both to choose the components and to promote the finished items. It was a success: beautiful items, sought after and generated a lot of interest.

Each object, however, was made of components that, although assembled in different ways, were the same available to every other jeweler. A limit to the creativity of Daniela, increasingly aware of needing an exclusive and truly crafted production, from A to Z. So, when unfortunately, while working, the shop had to close, Daniela saw the moment and decided to invest more time on herself, starting again to study, with the aim of combining the passion for glass processing in the furnace and the desire to create unique and exclusive components. He chose one of the best schools in Murano and began a specialization course in glass processing at the Abate Zanetti School. That first course then followed many others under the guidance of many talented masters, so much so that for the next three years Daniela had to split between the Venetian island and her hometown.

Now that many of the techniques and secrets of the artistic and blown glass processing are acquired, she focused and specialized on the lampwork, and she settled down her new laboratory in her own house, starting the production of costume jewelry, this time really unique and 100% handmade. Over the years Daniela has not stopped going to Murano, where she still often goes to stock up on glass and tools, to follow new courses and especially to admire the work of the great masters in the furnace. Glass is a material with infinite facets, infinite transformations, so there are endless possibilities to work it. When people at the fairs ask her where she buys her beautiful glass pearls, it is a great satisfaction for her to see the bewildered expressions on their faces when they learn that she makes them.

I love glassworking, because through the heat of the flame, it gives life to warm and intense colors that few other materials can offer, giving the jewelry a unique, almost magical light. This is why I decided to give my creations clean and essential shapes.

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