AV Metal


by Alessio & Antonello Vilia

Company run and family foundation, founded in 2009, that holds generations of artisan techniques handed down from father to son. Founded by two brothers, Alessio and Antonello Vilia, who collaborate together, inspiring and helping each other. They are determined to distinguish themselves giving life to productions inspired by the history and the Sardinian tradition.

Alessio and Antonello are specialized in processing of metals and now, after years of experience, bend to their will. They shape the metal using both traditional and modern techniques, blending together what they have learned over the years of training with the latest discoveries, because one of their goals is to keep themselves up-to-date with the most innovative procedures and instruments. Their symbolic technique, their “warhorse” so to speak, the technique for which they are known throughout the country (and not only), is that of wrought iron with which they are able to build anything that may come to your mind.

This duo works on various types of metal including copper, stainless steel and brass. Everything starts from a design that is the basis of the project and then they shape the hot metal in order to give it the desired shape; subsequently they pass to finish it by hand depending on the final objective. The forging, burnishing and engraving of metal have no secrets for these two brothers.

Their catalog is very varied and includes: artistic objects, furnishing accessories, window frames and architectural elements, all with a refined taste and a particular shape. Their products are perfect for embellishing environments, both external and internal, as well as being functional. Just look at them you can immediately understand where these brothers draw inspiration: the textile tradition of Sarule (their city) and the objects of common use of the peasant-pastoral world.

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AV Metal, the textile art of Sarule engraved in ironAV Metal, l'arte tessile di Sarule incisa nel ferro

Alessio and Antonello Vilia carry on the family business. Their metal works are rooted in the Sardinian tradition of Sarule.Alessio e Antonello Vilia portano avanti l'attività di famiglia. Le loro lavorazioni metalliche affondano le radici nella tradizione sarda e, in particolare, in quella di Sarule.