Atelier Luigi Gaglione


by Luigi Gaglione

Luigi Gaglione, born in Torre del Greco (a city near Naples, between the Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples) in 1983, his family works in the coral engravers field (the driving force of Torre del Greco). Luigi was creative from the very beginning, partly due to his family situation, He immediately showed a marked tendency to design, but during his years of study he devoted himself to something else and ended up on a career very different.

Then he designs a collection and the unexpected success brings him back to the creative world. After that event, Luigi collected collect successes such as the participation in the Gran Galà of Fashion of Cluj Napoca (as one of the representatives of Italy) and several fashion shows and collaborations scattered throughout Naples and surroundings.

This craftsman knows no boundaries in particular, in the early stages of his career he designed a collection for a fashion show in Romania organized for the twinning between the two nations.

You can find Luigi Gaglione at Comiziano (NA). His Atelier will bring you back to the ancient and traditional splendor of the Neapolitan tailoring, thanks to the fact that it is located in a historic building of the 1600s, without forgetting futuristic modernity – two identities merged in one.