by Alberto Palmucci

Alberto Palmucci is the founder of Arturdesign laboratory (2002) that takes its name from the first project: “Artur, the personal butler”, a coffee table in birch wood with a stylized design, finished with special water-based paints. Artur is not only the first creature born in the laboratory, it is also what has pushed Alberto into an adventure full of creativity and imagination.

The idea of Artur was born during a party at a friend’s house. There were many people, all talking to each other with a glass in hand without any table in sight. At that point Alberto have a stroke of genius that revolutionized his entire life: create a support surface that is easy to move and small, without renouncing a captivating aesthetic and the usefulness of the object itself.

Alberto works in the laboratory with the help of his staff, which is full of creative young guys. Here they study and realize new ideas for design furniture and furnishing objects, all with an unusual shapes. Their goal is to offer furniture that can beautify and premises.

Useful furniture that can be used in every moment of the day, with the advantage of being both beautiful to look at and comfortable. The products of the Arturdesign laboratory are versatile and, above all, rigorously all handmade by Alberto and his staff, which passion and the desire for innovation and also the quality materials, that make their design unforgettable.

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Arturdesign, a butler for all occasionsArturdesign, un maggiordomo per tutte le occasioni

In the heart of the Marche there is a workshop dedicated to creating "particular" butlers ready to help you in the everyday life. Their "Geppetto"? Alberto Palmucci and his team.Nel cuore delle Marche c'è una bottega dedita a creare statuari maggiordomi pronti ad aiutarvi nella vita di tutti i giorni. Il loro "Geppetto"? Alberto Palmucci e il suo team.