By Irina Manganaro

Artecornicidesign is the fruit of the creativity of a young artist born in Bielorussia 27 years ago and raised in Sicily, where her activity is based. A bit of atelier, a bit of art gallery, a bit of artisan workshop, Artecornicidesign is the result of a life spent in close contact with art from very early childhood. The innate passion for beauty is developed by years of studies in the artistic field, her creativity trained since the youngest age. The earliest memories of her first frames in pure gold blend with the colors of Sicily bathed by the deep blue sea, the vibrant colors of nature that shine under a dazzling sun, the tradition of Sicilian tailoring.

Grown up with a pencil in her hand, always ready to give shape to her inspirations or sketch glimpses and details, Irina, after completing her studies at theMessina’s Art High School, worked for five years at a frames’ workshop where, thanks to the years of apprenticeship, she develops a particular ability for precision work and color matching.

From this melting pot of cultures and the intersection of traditions, styles and colors, the unique and original style of Artecornicidesign takes shape. “The unique and original pieces of Artecornicidesign originate from creativity and the world around me from which I draw inspiration, from the combination of colors and materials that are more disparate“. In the Atelier you will find furnishing accessories, handmade frames, paintings, and furniture transformed through artistic restyling.

Precious materials such as ayous, linden, fir and ash wood are used for the frames and furnishing accessories; Caltagirone ceramics, coral and precious metals. The rough profiles and the furniture subject to artistic restyling are all hand-lacquered with non-toxic water-based paints of the highest quality, which adhere tenaciously and allow the wood to remain alive and well protected from external agents.

The unique and original pieces of Artecornicidesign are born from creativity and the world around me, from which I draw inspiration, from the combination of colors and different materials

Piazza del Duomo 35, Messina. Contact the Artisan

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Artecornicidesign, "From Belarus with love"Artecornicidesign, "Dalla Bielorussia con amore"

Artecornicidesign atelier, art gallery and artisan workshop dedicated to creating original frames and furnishing accessories. "From Belarus with love".Artecornicidesign atelier, galleria d’arte e laboratorio artigiano dedito a creare cornici e complementi d'arredo originali. "Dalla Bielorussia con amore".