Arte Sacra di Claudio Riso


Sacred Art’s and Papier-mache’s Laboratory from Lecce

Claudio Riso was born in 1966, July the 10th. Since his teenage years he is passionate and dedicated himself to the Papier-mache’s World and decides to attend teacher Antonio Malecore’s workshop Studio. He discovers here materials and tecnics of this very ancient Art and transfer then these tools in his Laboratory, which is located in the historic-centre of the City. He renovated in this way the ritual of sacred Art variously represented.

In all his works are therefore recurring representations of farmers’ and working-classes’ Life (the old man who transports bundles, the woman who wash clothes or Salento-region fishermen) according to traditional rules.

All his works are entirely made by hands, in respect with traditional manufacturing’s phases; his works marked themselves through the attention and the taste for details, which are finely reproduced. In a time where one wishes to discover again Authenticity, this Art has never been so modern. Papier-mache is through History and still today an inseparable pair of Lecce; it is chained and instrinsic to Baroque architecture, to the great artistic season which developped itself during the XVII and XVIII Centuries.

He somehow interprets all his works with “lightness” and disenchant. Therefore, if from one hand the Baroque Art fastens its growth through stone’s artisans’ local Schools, the so called “ leccese-stone” , the Papier-mache reconduces on the other hand to Times where the traditional artisan’s work was determined by Greatness and that thanks to its exstraordinary versatility to reproduce noble materials such as silver, marble and bronze.


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Fratelli Riso, Lecce and papier-mâché: a successful trioFratelli Riso, Lecce e cartapesta: un trio di successo

Claudio Riso and his brothers open a workshop that deals with the processing of papier-mache to strictly follow the traditions of Salento that bind Lecce for centuries to this material, but looking with it to modernity and characters of our times.Claudio Riso e i suoi fratelli aprono una bottega che si occupa della lavorazione della cartapesta per seguire rigorosamente le tradizioni salentine che legano Lecce da secoli a questo materiale, affacciandosi con esso alla modernità e personaggi dei giorni nostri.