Apulia Design


by Vitantonio Coletta

A young man in love with his homeland – Apulia. It is famous for culture, craftsmanship and its contradictions. A region that inspires, that makes you dream, and makes you experience its beauty. Coletta, as a boy had great passion for wood. His summers were spent in the family cabinet workshop, founded by his grandfather in 1971. He perused this passion in his academic career and finally turning it into, his profession.

The union of his love towards his homeland and his passion for wood, a desire sprouted to create Apulia Design. A line of home accessories. This idea along with the help of Franco (a close friend of his grandfather) and Vito, took more and more shape with the construction of the first prototypes. A short time later, he randomly met with Saverio an architecture student, an over the top creative guy who falls in love with this project immediately, resulting in a collaboration of which passion and ambition becomes their reward.

The group spent days and days working, creating and experimenting with what had become their dream: to allow the experiences of Apulia to those who cannot live it. Thanks to the valuable contribution of several designers, with which finally started the creation of furnishings inspired by medieval and peasant architecture, as well as by ancient tools today unknown to most.

All their creations are made using oak wood (solid or semi-finished) and finished with base oils of orange terpenes which is free of chemical resin. The stones used are only calcareous tuff (mined and processed in Apulia). All processing of paper mache, wicker and rope, are made entirely in Apulia by young artists, as well as many wood products are handmade by local cabinetmakers, with reliability and attention to detail.

Apulia Design, the dream of young people in search of redemption. The image of a land that will remain in your heart.

Via Antonio Quaranta, 96, Bari, BA Contact the Artisan

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