Irene hat and dress


by Anna Venchiarutti

Anna Venchiarutti is a young dressmaker from Lombardy. As a child, with the help of her two grandmothers, she has made clothes for her Barbies and inherit their secret technique in the meanwhile, because one was a milliner and one a seamstress, and Anna make good use of it in her career as a craftsman of the fabric.

After graduating in accounting, Anna realizes that the time has come to resume her old passion and make it concrete. She decides to follow a modeling course and enter in the fashion industry. She works for several textile companies and there she learn the various stages of production.

After having gained experience Anna decides to realize her dream and make her passion a reality, thus creating a personal line of fashion, whose cornerstones are the attention to detail and the uniqueness of each garment.

Her rigorously crafted line goes from meticulous embroidery to hand-painted dresses, each one unique. “We are losing the singularity of every creation, the machines do not distinguish one from another… I want create unique clothes, not objects in series. It’s the same difference between a painting and a print”.

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Anna Venchiarutti, the Lombard master of sewingAnna Venchiarutti, la maestra lombarda del cucito

Young Lombard dressmaker who inherited the techniques of grandmothers. Anna takes care of the clothes she creates from the paper model to the last finishing.Giovane sarta lombarda che ha ereditato le tecniche delle nonne. Anna si occupa degli abiti che crea dal cartamodello fino all'ultima rifinitura.