Ama-la / Cooperative Services


We are women and men of
various nationalities and professions
who work together for
realize the ideals of integration,
collaboration and support
mutual that we think they make
life worth living.

Ama-La is a Calabrian social cooperative from Camini (RC), Italy, that helps refugee women and their children to achieve autonomy thanks to Italian craftsmanship, in a process of welcome, integration and rebirth.

It is no coincidence that the name Ama-La which derives from the Tibetan, AMA and LA, means “Ama” “woman and mother” while “La” expresses respect and affection. A choice linked to the values ​​underlying this project, so that they reflect what the psychoanalyst C.G Jung defines as the archetype of the mother, understood as “the magical authority of what is benevolent, protective, tolerant; what promotes growth, fecundity, nutrition; the places of magical transformation, of rebirth “.

Specifically, Ama-La provides training in loom weaving, sewing, modeling and creation of handcrafted textile products, the result of the encounter between different traditions and ancient knowledge, with particular attention to textile innovation for the creation of ecological, ethical, aesthetic and trendy. The products we will create, clothing, furnishing accessories and various accessories, will be made through the ancient practices of the traditional Calabrian textile arts and crafts, i.e. embroidery, spinning, loom weaving, the spinning of the broom, which are combined with the artisan knowledge of women from other regions of the world.

Through the use of innovative and ecological techniques such as eco-printing (printing and coloring of steamed fabrics with the use of herbs, bark, leaves and flowers), our textile processes respect the environment. Most of the materials are zero km and the processing techniques with minimal environmental impact, in fact we favor the recycling and recovery of raw materials, such as old fabrics to make new carpets, the pezzare.

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