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by Andrea Poli

The tradition and the passion for wood were born in Veneto in 1876 with Angelo Poli,  passing down to first to his son Luigi, then to his grandson Giancarlo and to this day to Andrea, the last active cabinetmaker of the Poli family.

In the 60s, following the flood of Polesine, Giancarlo moved to Bologna and become a carpenter and his father Luigi a wood restorer. Together they opened a skilled carpentry workshop, which even today operates with the children who continue the business.

The excitement within the Poli’s workshop continues, thanks to a continuous adaptation of techniques of workmanship. Of these we can see the coaching of tradition and innovation. The use of old tools and teachings is skillfully enhanced by modern equipment and environmentally sustainable.

Today, life is given to the accomplishments endured over time: the Poli’s rediscover the concept of durability, the idea often opposed to the new standards and large-scale industrialized era. Only quality materials are used and along with passion and dexterity, which was taught by their ancestors. The process still handcrafted and passed down from father to son, is treated in detail from the choice of materials and the special design of the construction required. Keeping alive the experiences transmitted to the Poli’s from the past, but with reasoned thinking about the future. The products are designed with the objective of multi functionality of the object and the customization by the purchaser (for example choosing the accessories to apply and enter, the color, the lettering or a custom logo).

Having respect for the environment and the nature that surrounds them, selecting the best possible service of the materials and substances used. They deal in a responsible manner for the production of waste and persistently practice the recycling of materials as much as possible. Today, at the service of customers, they design and manufacture all kinds of furniture for homes, shops, etc. outdoors by only using quality materials and woods. The Poli’s support proudly “Made in Italy” certified and guaranteed: any preliminary or ancillary preparation necessary to the realization of the final product is made in Italy with Italian products and labor; collaborating with other individuals and local authorities. Trusting the great traditions of their land, a land full of great resources and capabilities. The Poli’s are strong with an expert eye, reasonable and thoughtful, inspired by young people, their aspirations and their initiatives.

Having trust in the new generations:

their ideas, bold and current, can be enriched and strengthened by long-established artisan experience and reach potential and immense results.

This is the Poli’s philosophy!

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