Vincenzo Mancini, truly “optical” craft bags

Vincenzo Mancini is a self-taught artist from Molfetta . He is a careful innovator and experimenter, strong of the knowledge he acquired during the high school (he graduated in technical sciences).

Vincenzo is first of all a painter, he realizes abstract paintings in style of Kandisky and Mondrian . Their influence can also be found in the bags Vincenzo creates, bags in which geometric shapes that play with the natural colors of wood to give particular optical effects with the impression that the wood and metal jump out and dance.


Vincenzo’s master technique is a refined form of collage on wood. This technique is based on a careful overlapping and union of very thin leaves of wood (under a millimeter).

In Vincenzo’s bags wood is not simply the support but is a real expressive means, it’s part and bearer of the final realization.

Creating geometric effect with wood need a great knowledge of the characteristics of the material, as well as careful research and selection of it. The basic color of the wood must serve as a support so: the nuances can be harmonious, the veins can be followed in such a way to not mine the structure of the materials, the imperfections of the wood should be highlighted in the right way, etc …


Over the years Vincenzo participated in many high profile exhibitions, such as: the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris in 2013, the contemporary art fair of Padova in 2013, the Biennial of Verona in 2014 and many others; obviously without forgetting the various group exhibitions in which he participated, for example: the MILANART (Milanese art gallery), La Meridiana (Veronese art gallery) and the ARTtime (Udinese art gallery).

The products of this highly original craftsman are divided into two main lines: the “ WOODBAG ” and the “ ALLBAG “; as you can guess from the name in one case the wood is the main material and in the other the aluminum it’s the one. Each bag consists of both elements, being part of the style and the signature of Vincenzo, the difference lies in the fact that in one case, on sight, wood is predominant and metal is the predominant in the other.


The most iconic bag by Vincenzo Mancini is definitely the WOODBAG mahogany and oak feather, a bag with a unique and recognizable shape made of inlaid wood with aluminum and leather inserts. Both the shape and the inlays follows the Optical Art style, resulting in an effect that creates movement.


Do not worry, even if it is a unique piece there are other iconic Vincenzo Mancini bags that you can find on our store.

For example WOODBAG oak briar, a bag very similar to the other but with a more sober style. This WOODBAG prefers a unique and simple color, 100% oak, with all its nuances and nodes well in sight.


ALLBAG briar and aluminum is instead a shiny bag with an external body composed mainly in aluminum foil with two strips of wood to break the monotony (in Optical Art ) while the inside and the shoulder strap are in soft skin.

This is only a short list that hope to enlight you about style and variety proposed by this craftsman. Obviously you can find much more on the page dedicated to Vincent in our store, which it is periodically renewed due to the fact that every piece made by this artist-craftsman are unique and irreproducible.


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