Stile d’arredo, the solid wood that bewitch

Behind the name “ Stile d’Arredo ” there is Pasquale Parrotta , an artisan carver with more than thirty years of work in the field.

He attended at the Art School of Como but Pasquale felt the “call of wood” since very young, thanks to the influence of his uncles, two master carvers specialized in neoclassical style and recreating the complicated inlays typical of the Versailles of Louis XV.


As soon he finished the studies, Pasquale starts working in the industry and there he discovered all the properties of wood and, at the same time, he can give free his imagination and freely experiment.

Over the years this craftsman has created, modeled, carved and decorated unique pieces inspired by modernity and antiquity in equal parts. He create pieces of furniture,from small to medium-sized: armchairs, tables, mirrors and much more.


Pasquale uses mainly solid wood , usually of lime, and thanks to his hard work the wood takes new life: the typical shades of wood stand out and because Pasquale takes care of all the work (from the very first phases, including planing) virtually a piece of solid wood can become anything.

Pasquale really loves wood, and he does not want it to be wasted, so he try every time to minimize the waste of processing and, when possible, reuse them to embellish other works or to make other objects.

This master of solid wood can create anything with the right inspiration and the right wooden base.


Ghiandona (big acorn) is probably the most recognizable piece of Parrotta. It’s a centerpiece in solid linden wood hand-carved and finished with a burnt effect. As the name implies, it have the shape of an oak leaf with two acorns.

It’s pretty big, which makes it ideal as a central element of tables, both wood and glass (there it stands out even more thanks to lights game between the glass and the glossy finish of the piece).


Daisy it’s a empties pockets, as always in solid linden wood, carved in the form of a daisy. In this case, unlike the Ghiandona, it does not present a darker polish but is treat only with beeswax in order to enhance the white nuance typical of the lime tree.


The last one is a very particular piece: the Neapolitan Scugnizzo, a solid wood statue (just under 40cm tall) portraying a rebel little boy of the previous century. The statue is worked completely by hand, including the light walnut-colored polishing and the light darker effect that enhances the details and give depth to the figurine.

As always we remind you that this is just a selection of our craftsman’s products and on the our store you can find many other products. We also remind you that all these pieces are made entirely by hand, without the use of any machinery, so some details may be different.


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