Spazio Libero Torino – The illusion of the decor

Spazio Libero Torino was born about two years ago, from the encounter of Francesco with Salvatore. The first is a painter, carpenter, renovator and creator of art objects and the other, Francesco, is instead a designer, graphic designer, model maker and digital artist. Together they created this brand of furniture which combines their experience and ability, ancient techniques and modern thoughts, to create a new way of decoration in modern furnishing, aesthetically pleasant and functional for everyday life.


Their inspiration comes from past masters, following an ancient procedure for woodworking and for the completion of the furniture that has been passed down for generations, from workshop to workshop and to date. From the idea, to the design, construction, decoration, their work is a complete work that makes this furniture unique.

SpazioLibero-Torino-1The elegance of the designed plots makes their pieces one with space, fusing the functionality of the object with its decoration. The quality of the product is ensured by the sensitive and singular crafting which is entirely handmade.

The decorations, made from safe and experienced hands, make this furniture for customers with a fine taste, who need and desire to enhance their environment, putting an object copyright, perfectly integrated in the space where it is intended. The use of materials such as old paints and natural waxes, fillers and colors, allow the wood to move in time without affecting these decorations.

The creation and placement of decorative panels in a specific environment allows the editing of visual aesthetics, giving the ability to create different themed spaces in one house and walking from room to room allows several members of family to feel at ease with customized objects and colors.


They do not have a real catalog, but a workshop where they expose their “zero” pieces, which gives the idea of the line and materials, where to showcase their conception of furniture, which is not only an end to itself, but it is the pure creation of a work of art in a personalized space, where fantasy and reality can become one, reviving the customer’s own choices with a sense of absolute poetry.


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