Saybio, passion and beauty from the Florentine hills

Saybio is a project born in Florence thanks to Valentina Lollini. His desire was to use her love of nature, especially the plants and wild herbs of the Tuscan hills, to the care of the beauty of modern women, attentive to both their appearance and the environment.

All the raw materials used in Saybio products are high quality and carefully selected all natural and chosen for their properties and worked to give the least impact on the environment and on the skin of those who use them. No chemicals that could dry out the skin or alter the natural pH.

Saybio is a line designed to be simple, immediate and effective. The modern woman is divided between work, gym, home care and a other things so she needs a safe product that works immediately, even applying only a small amount quickly before running somewhere.

In addition all Saybio products have a texture designed to be pleasant on the skin and do not leave annoying and irritating sensations, as happens so commonly.

This line of cosmetics is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, combining all the ancient discoveries about the beneficial properties of local plants together with the knowledge and skills of the team of experts that Valentina uses: cosmetologists, formulators, skin experts, etc…

Saybio shares with his customers the nature in a convenient box that you can take home and open whenever you need a little bit more cute and relaxed.

If you have not yet tried any Saybio products we recommend you the thematic kits, so you can have a selection of products at a discounted price and try which one is right for you. They are also a perfect gift idea because they are sold in a nice and compact boxes.

The “Young Skins Kit” it’s designed for the youngest, in fact it is the cheapest and affordable for a girl struggling with the first skin problems or who wants to make a tasty gift to a friend. It contains the purifying face cream with cucumber extract and the extra gentle calendula gel.

Te “Body Face Kit” it’s the most versatile of all because it contains the hand cream with avocado and olive oils, the body cream perfumed and the anti-aging cream. This handy kit takes care of you at 360 degrees but do not worry, if you need more targeted action you will find many individual products or other kits on our store.

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