Roberto Cavagnini – The art of producing pewter

In 1999 Roberto Cavagnini founded the company which has his name, with a great desire to pass on the centuries-old skills of working with pewter and not let this ancient art be lost. Despite its age, it is thanks to this dedication and the company’s capabilities that it was quickly reaffirmed in the field of pewter decorative items.


The company has since worked closely with expert artisans, selected and took from Cavagnini himself for this purpose. “As in all crafts, only a small part of the whole can be taught, the bulk must be learned day after day, and never stop learning”.

Indeed, pewter expresses a constant of human creativity: improving techniques, streamline processes, reducing costs and maximizing profits, without ever giving up the dexterity that ensures consistent standards of decent craftsmanship that often reaches levels of absolute artistic value.

Pewter is a metal alloy composed of 96% tin, 3.5% Antimony, 0.5% Copper. Totally Lead-free, it meets all the requirements of the EEC and Drug Administration for food usage.

The pewter is an ancient material that in the past was produced by pouring a tin alloy in forms of Iron or etched Brass, and thereafter kneaded with the technique of corrosion and of hammering required to obtain the forms of tradition. Today it is worked in hot temperatures in cast of iron molding, silicone rubber or land and then finished by hand, or printed in sheets and worked on the wheel, but always using purely artisan techniques.

The company’s objective is to provide the market with products at the forefront of quality and finishes, by designing and realizing them fully within the company. Today the range of products (over 500 items) includes a rich collection of products ranging from classic to modern, from the economic series to the luxurious one.


The variety of the production is enhanced by the use and by the combination of different materials that reveal the company’s guarantee in attaining products suitable to every need. The recent efforts of the company are aimed at increasing the quality, customer service and create a consistent image that reflects the freshness and dynamism of the company.

Their commitment is to create objects of daily use and original shapes. Their objects are made to create a warm welcoming, especially by creating an excellent combination with crystals.

Cavagnini-PeltroThe product is firstly thought through the creation of a sketch. Once this is done, they proceed to the creation of a first model. Once it is approved, a mold of synthetic materials is created.

At this point, the product is processed entirely by hand. Each piece is treated with great attention to detail ensuring a great quality.

Pewter, in fact, even if in time has enriched its technological contents, has never lost its peculiarities.

Today, as yesterday, it’s the human hand that outlines the shapes and welds the parts, shapes the volumes and meticulously carves the details. Then as now, it is the manual dexterity to add value to objects created for a function but also wanted for the charm of simply their appearance.

The whole working process is carried out in their workshop in Ghedi near Brescia.

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