Creative recycling by RiStart

Behind the Ristart brand there is Marco Duranti , a young talented designer from Rome. His mission? Give new life to the recycled materials.

Nulla si crea, nulla si distrugge. Tutto si trasforma.
(Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed)


Marco create furniture and art, many of his creations are unique pieces born from the encounter between matter and creativity. Marco follows every job from the initial design up to the delivery, giving originality and balance to each piece.

Ristart is officially born in 2015 but it is only the latest evolution of Marco work. Ristart is the container in which all the pieces made by Marco were put together, a “label” to call all the various works Marco has made over the years.


This craftsman want more than give new life to wood, glass and so on, he wants to give them an original and unorthodox purpose. He never chooses the easy way but with his pieces he prefers to follow an unusual road and sometimes he does not know the final result.

In addition to the idea of recycling, and giving life back to the material, every product created by this craftsman is designed to make even the fussiest of buyers happy … in fact each piece is completely customizable! Do you want it red? No problem!


But pay attention: the productions of this craftsman are subdivide between furniture (reproducible and customizable according to the needs and tastes of each customer) and artistic works (unique pieces that can not be customized nor reproduced). Thanks to its great versatility and resourcefulness, Marco has many items ready to delivery.

Marco listens to the customer and is ready to create bespoke pieces, take care of interior decoration projects in full, or customize what is already present in his lines today.

In this article we can not dwell on each production of Marco so we will focus only on some customizable pieces of furniture already available on our store . Do not worry, you can find everything (including unique artistic pieces) in the page dedicated to him.

Miles is a line characterized by the use of plywood coupled with colored resin. It is a very versatile all-round line that includes seats, tables and so on.

Our favorite piece the wide Consolle with an essential but captivating style thanks to the combination of different textures and colors. The style enhance the multilayer and give the whole piece a taste of vintage and modern, unlike possible with only the use of solid wood.


The Contrasto chair, even if they are part of another line, they marry well with the tables of the Miglia line, thanks to the duality between modern and retro. Contrasto chairs are a rediscovery of the old chairs of the italian 50s.

Through the installation of a modern material (the plexiglass) these chairs are reborn. Being transparent the plexiglass modernized but does not affect the aesthetics of the chair, in reality with its transparency highlights the vintage soul of it.


The line Excluding is the summa of the vintage and modern style and the fight between solid wood and plywood; that’s why we decided to dedicate the last available space in this article to it.

The name of this line comes from the separation of the solid wood from the table, in fact the part in solid wood remains outside the iron frame. The concept is that the wood wants to become part of the table but cannot break through the strong frame and so remains on the margin, while the part in plywood represents the majority of the table top.


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