Petram, ancient art of the stonemason in Bagheria

Petram is a company that has been operating in Bagheria, province of Palermo for almost 60 years. The Scaduto family has been working for generations to safeguard the traditional stonemasonry techniques. The stonemason’s art is one of the oldest in the world and has particularly deep roots in Italy.

Its particularity lies in transforming any stone into something different thanks to the innumerable possibilities of each grain or color of the material. The stone is a raw material that in the hands of the right person can virtually become anything: a shapely statue, a desing lamp, an immovable door stop, a flashy furnishings or a piece of furniture. A stone is literally the first step of a journey into the unknown.

In addition to the ancient techniques, largely handed down from father to son, this multi-faceted family is also updated on new technologies and uses modern machinery (CNC 5-axis, 3D lathe and 3D scanning) and software (Autocad and not only) to in order to be at the forefront of the restoration sector and beyond. Exactly, this craftsman not only deal with creating beautiful objects but is also very active in the field of restoration.

Over the years Petram has taken care of important restorations in Bagheria, Palermo and Catania (the balustrades of Villa Valguarnera, the shelf of Villa San Cataldo, the vases and pinnacles of Porta Carini, the benches and balustrades of Villa Trabia, the cloister of Sant’Anna, the architrave of San Francesco Saverio, etc. ..).

No matter if it is a restoration or creation of an original piece, Petram craftsmen know that the customer always comes first. The perfect work comes from a good advice, based on the exchange of information, and these stonemason’s masters are ready to explain to you every single detail of the processing, if you have the desire. Furthermore, because theyre relying on modern technologies, they are able to provide a digital preview of the finished piece, in order to give the customer time to evaluate any changes.

With their dual nature they can create objects of various kinds for you, following the dictates of classical art and if you are in possession of a true ancient they can restore it and bring it back to its ancient splendor. Petram is specialized in the processing of marble at 360 ° and by the right block can create anything that comes to mind, over the years have made fountains, sculptures, bathroom furniture, funerary art and so on.

On our store you can find a selection of lamps made by this attentive craftsman.

Lamp Luna is a table lamp with base in glass and carved marble (Pietra di Billiemi, or marble extracted from Monte Billiemi in the province of Palermo), while the stem and the decoration on the lampshade are in silver. All made entirely by hand by Petram craftsmen with support, as regards the LED light and the proper functioning, of Syhdee Italy Lighting. Lamp Acacia is the older sister of the Luna Lamp, uses the same basic materials but is larger (including decorative leaf) and has a square shape.

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