Organic Earrings Bijoux, jewels created from Tuscan nature

Today the editors of Made in Italy for Me are here to introduce you to one of our new artisans , a girl linked with nature.

Organic Earrings Bijoux born from a particular experience lived by its creator, Daniela Quadrelli (from Vicopisano) whose success has led her to be one of the participants of the 2017 edition of “Artigianato e Palazzo”.

Organic Earrings Bijoux products are inspired and suggested by nature itself. Daniela creates them to highlight the forms and characteristics of nature without changing it or making it artificial.

One day, a carefree one, in the countryside where I lived I noticed a luxuriant nature made of unique shapes, streaks and spots. I focused on some leaves that ignited in me awe and wonder. Everything born there.


Daniela comes from a family of painters, her parents have always pushed her to follow her passions and do not stop her creativity.
In 2011, just a few years after graduating in art history at the University of Florence, she found herself observing nature and its multiform manifestations.

In that magical context, as if attracted to an invisible force, she began to collect fragments of nature and bring them into her studio so she can observed calmly and valued at best them.

Each product is unique, because everything in nature is not repeatable: a snowflake is as unique as a leaf, even if they’re leaves from the same tree each of them will have its own veins and colors.

Daniela prefers to highlight uniqueness, rather than making each piece part of a series. Moreover, her jewels are light and do not weigh on the wearer, thanks to the particular processing method she use.


First of all, our ingenious craftswoman goes in search of raw materials: wooden material and plants that have undergone the natural drying process, such as naturally fallen leaves. The plants are not attacked, Daniela does not cut or tear anything, she just collects what attracts her gaze.

This is because the principle behind her philosophy is a sort of cycle of life: take a “waste” and give it new life thanks to craftsmanship. Craft which, in turn, is enriched by the particularity of the basic material.

Daniela dehydrates the material and then works it by hand with scissors, sandpaper, file, pliers and so on. She doesn’t use chemicals or big machinery, she does everything with her hands, from collection to finishing.


Once the type and shape of the piece has been defined, Daniela start the coloring, also made by hand, with slightly aggressive water tempera or with the application of golden/copper leaves. But if the piece is already evocative of its left she left it natural.

Once this phase is finished, to ensure that the color lasts and to accentuate the luster of the piece, she pass a transparent protective fixative or the shellac.

The Organic Earrings Bijoux line ranges from earrings, necklaces, hair clips, bracelets and all that Tuscan nature suggests to Daniela. So, despite the name, it does not only deal with earrings and you can easily see it in our store.

You will find many types of clasps, earrings and necklaces that, together, will immediately transport you to the Tuscan woods.


Red horizontal necklace has a slightly rectangular shape and a natural color slightly accentuated thanks to the protective gloss and color. This is a unique necklace that fits well on everything and is incredibly light and comfortable.

Blue pendant with gold leaf is a bit more jaunty and flashy. The gold attracts the looks and the square shape tricks the look making you think that it is not wood. The peculiarity of this necklace is that it is double-face, blue at front and natural at back.

Reticulated wood necklace it’s a true rarity, a unique piece among the unique pieces. This kind of shapes can only be found in nature, a machine is not able to make such complex and irregular lattices.

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