MARI Lz pelletteria catania

A Sicilian leather goods born from passion and family experience: Mari L.Z.

Mari L.Z., by Salvatore Mari, is an artisan leather goods in Catania specialized in bags made with modern and traditional styles.

The brand is born from the desire of a little and curious Salvatore to understand how, in the fairs of his childhood, the leather craftsmen managed to make their accessories, both those exposed and those worked on site. He was the classic child who stood in front of a stand staring at the craftsman until he ended is work or, with his sharp eye, Salvatore himself understand the process. Now Salvatore is no longer a child, with rapacious eye, but a master craftsman, the lord of the art of leather working and with a family-run shop where he can experiment.

In Salvatore’s productions you will not find only him but his entire family, past and present. The father was a leather craftsman and the first, intransigent, teacher of Salvatore; he taught Salvatore the rudiments of technique and family secrets. The other masters of Salvatore were: the elusive leather, which does not bother you if you do not know how to “talk” to it, and the years of passion lavished in this art at the expense of sleep and time with friends.

Salvatore’s ability is the result of a boundless love and attention because when he was young, and he came home exhausted, he took the tools to finish some small accessory to sell to his friends in order to cover the expenses of the materials and do some pocket money. All of this for not disappoint the father, who supported him has he can but that didn’t have great economic resources.

In the products signed “Mari L.Z.” you can find the traditional techniques of the Mari family and the unique vision of Salvatore himself. The motto is: “Guarantee, loyalty and constancy” because a bag does not come out of nowhere but is the result of a painstaking work and a care in the details.

Salvatore has his own personal line and each piece is unique because it is done entirely by hand. All the leathers used are highest quality one, tanned with vegetable products and directly from the heart of Tuscany, and hand-buffed to ensure the protection of the environment.

The bags of Mari L.Z. they are real piece of art spread on an unusual canvases, as you can see on our store thanks to the line “Pittura (Paint)”.

The Lucy Paint is a practical and compact bag with a square shape. The draw is entirely handmade, therefore unique for each piece, and takes its inspiration from innovative art with a touch of futurism. Is custom made so you can choose the color you prefer between various shades of brown, blue and red.

If you need more capacity, or prefer a more particular form, there is the Doctor Paint. A bag whose shape of the classic doctor bag but, thanks to the particular draw and the vibrant colors, is unique and definitely not trivial. Even in this case the painting is completely handmade and you can have it in the color you prefer.

If you prefer a more classic style, or more sober colors, you can find on our store the same models but in the “Classic” line: Lucy Classic e Medic Classic.

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