Lavorazione Artigianale Salsano, experience and professionalism in the manufacturing and restoration of metal objects

Giuseppe Salsano, in Cava de Terreni (Salerno), has more than ten years experience in his work: manufacturing and restoration of various metal objects. Brass, copper, stainless steel and bronze have no secrets for Giuseppe, he knows every aspect of them and with passionate craft and artistic activity, even before restoration, he work on them. This is an important aspect because it allows him a complete vision of the restoration work to be done, especially when it comes to ancient and precious objects that hold the memories of several generations.

Giuseppe Salsano inherited this love for metal from his father, one of the first master-craftsmen to work these materials in the 80s. This creative world fascinated Giuseppe since he was a child and drive him to carefully collect all the secrets and teachings handed down by his father. A passion that led him to open a very small laboratory first and next find a more optimal size in 2005 with a laboratory much more structured for the different processes he do.

Today Giuseppe also in on the top of industrial production to continues his profession with great passion and excellent results. He’s always careful for tradition and quality and that guarantees a unique final result of the highest quality standards with any metal.

His artistic creations are full of the love for the millenary art of working these precious metals, metals that, in the hands of Giuseppe, becoming beautiful unique and original pieces. Another important feature that distinguishes all the Salsano works are the welds that are cleverly hidden and often imperceptible to the eye, made thanks to the experience and technical skill gained over the years.

Giuseppe, in addition to the creation of original and refined metal objects, takes care of bringing back many objects to their ancient splendor with his specialized team.
Here a small list of the main jobs that are performed:


If you wanna recover a piece of furniture that you are particularly fond, or you have items from your loved ones that you want to rearrange, the right solution is to rely on the expert hands of Giuseppe Salsano and his team. They will make your objects look like new thanks to their intervention and the use of traditional, unique and effective techniques, and the treatment of their professional machinery, making you proud to show them to all your friends.

The art of metal restoration and the processing phases of brass objects

First of all we proceed with a careful cleaning of the object. Nest we disassembled piece by piece and cleaned up with a special machine that goes to eliminate all the dust and, eventually, the protective residue and the oxide that has formed over time. In case there are small pieces broken, we perform the repair with a welding that will then be cleverly cleaned and finished in order to make it imperceptible. Finally, always with appropriate professional machinery, we proceed to the finishing required by the customer, namely:

  1. Satin : it is the most chosen and recommended one, because it hides very well any red spots of the brass. The red spots are impossible to remove but they camouflage very well with the satin finish, while with the polishing they are more evident. Tip: if you have a brass object and want to restore it, it is good not to wait any longer because you risk to make it only deteriorate further!
  2. Glossy : this finish is also very beautiful and gives the brightness that once had the artifact.
  3. Bronze: with this particular finish the object will have a more amber color, but always fine and very elegant.

The last phase, but not less important, is the protective treatment. In this way the object will remain bright and can be kept in plain sight for a long time. It will again be a joy for the eyes and, above all you will, you not have to continue to polish it! So, in the end, you only need to contact them and choose the right finish, and Giuseppe and his team will do the rest.

Cleaning brass plates: “ Operation: Make your name shine “:

Your brass plate has become dark, aged and oxidized?
Would you like to save time and not have to worry about polishing?

ecco come fare in due semplici passaggi:

  1. Make a photo of the license plate and send it, together with its size, to info@madeinitalystore.me . We will reply within 24 hours with info about the costs in the different type and shipping costs for collection and delivery.
  2. If the estimate is to your liking you can remove the plate, carefully pack it and send us the dimensions of the box together with the desired finishing choice. Upon receipt of payment, we will take care of sending you a UPS courier who will collect it at your home and then return it to your home or where it is most convenient for you.

 And, if you’re wondering if it’s so important to take care of that little tag, the answer is very simple: it’s your business card, the first impression that people make of you. Above all, in the professional world, it contributes to the image that the client/patient makes of you.

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