La Quercia 21 – Two carpenters, one project

The meeting of two carpenters (Luca and Nicola) established “La Quercia 21”, an eclectic project, a collection of ideas, materials and techniques, a laboratory of craftsmanship design. In their laboratory, through constant experimentation of new aesthetic and functional design and the implementation of custom furniture: dressers, bookcases, tables, chairs, lamps, bookshelves, desks, beds, cabinets, stairs and wooden structures.

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Using combinations of various types of wood, resins, fabrics, iron as well as recycled parts of old furniture and fixtures, wooden floors scrap and used buildings’ timber.

Each piece is made in an exclusively handmade process, combining joints, mosaics, carvings and lacquer. All of their products, finally, are treated with natural water and beeswax finishes.

La Quercia 21 is offers as a space open to co-design with customers, architects and interior designers for the construction, local installations and more; design and manufacture of custom furniture for private homes, outdoor, entertainment and shopping. Their philosophy consists in approaching every job as a special case, without relying on pre-packaged solutions in the furniture industry.

Precisely for this reason, each customer will be accompanied in a process of co-design that will take him/her to choose according to his/her needs and taste, in fact, through their website, they try to provide useful elements for the application of estimates and projects or simply to stimulate ideas and questions.


La Quercia 21 performs only craftsmanship, preferring uniqueness rather than mass production. This attitude allows them to reproduce the patterns of the catalog each time transforming into something different: a copy becomes the original. This becomes a practice even necessary in the case of the use of recycled materials, since their availability is always entrusted to the case.

Therefore, their catalog has a double function: a gallery of furniture and home furnishings, but also a holder that is constantly changing, from which to draw propose to new projects.

The birth of “La Quercia 21”

Both Luca Nicola attended a school of Carpentry and Restoration. After two years attending the course, each opened his own workshop.

Sometime later, in Orvieto is held an exhibition with works prepared individually, but which are proposed to the customer as a single entity. The union born in that fair triggers the idea that joining forces could make a difference and create the conditions to be catapulted into the world of professional carpentry, which until then they had only slightly touched.


“Bill immediately, do not risk, copy, homogenize the market” – This is what many would do, but fortunately they did not. Nicholas and Luca, in fact, decided after the exhibition of Orvieto to stop and think about how to figure out what path to take. It seems almost heresy to mention that word nowadays, where everything flows so rapidly and where products are all alike.

La Quercia 21 takes shape and character in that year of studies, research, mental journeys into fantastic colorful worlds, where smile is the king. One year of designs, testing, creation and destruction and in the end, the first products take shape.

Today after a successful first production, La Quercia 21 has taken a considerable risk on its activities, strengthening its team and adding Matteo, Andrea and Silvia, who help them 360 ° in the promotion, sales and everything can be useful to a small business that has a great desire to grow. Silvia in particular, takes care of the web promotion and distribution of the products in Spain, living herself in the Iberian Peninsula.


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