CandleStore’s Artistic Lab, where wax light up and becomes art

Creativity, passion and emotion, these are Andrea Moraes works’ keywords, the brazilian girl who leads the artistic laboratory Candle Store.

She has been starting since she was a child handling wax and using it to illuminate in absence of electricity, not thinking in that warm feeling in her hands there was her future. Step by step to manage wax became a family activity and with her mother and her brother she starts creating simple coloured candles.

Andrea Moraes Candle Store

Then, travels, transfer to Italy (20 years ago) and the discovery of new chances, makes Andrea grow up and it develops her dexteritry, she adds creative ideas and new materials up to be the “art-isan” she is today, as she defines herself to indicate she is an artisan creating art.

The project comes to life in 1997 and it goes through various stages but, for a few years, in the heart of district Monti, in Rome, it takes place this fascinating shop where a soft material like wax, its flames and the smells of essential oils are mixed to hard pieces of iron, bars from wich lamps are taken and pieces of engine becoming supports.

Thanks even to the precious collaboration with Antonio Lavorgna, expert in iron processing, the objects are taking on an industrial connotation that fix well with a material like wax, getting unique furniture components.

Candle Store 2

To retrieve objects and to give them a different function or to transform them, it is at the base of creative work.

Andrea tells in a very passionate tone her story, in which there are incredible and interesting ideas, like the bowl. One of the objects she realizes the longest and apparently a nice container like others, but it hides a metaphoric meaning: a wax bowl emblem of woman with her welcoming womb in which it’s situated a lit candle representing man and the passion of the meeting with the female, lying on a bottom water… the necessary common sense; a balancing act well describing human relationships.

The ancient craftsmanship techniques come back alive, creating a current poetic bubble, in which it goes through a lot of worlds, from the tribal decorations to the contemporary oriental influences…
Elegance and liveliness caracterize these creations, where wax lights up and becomes art, where iron bends and becomes water.

At the moment the artist is dedicating to a new line of egg shaped candles, that marks the beginning of a more personal path, a rebirth sign to start a different way.


Each piece is unique, strictly handmade. The different carvings and different processes make the wax, originally transparent and almost intangible, always assume new aspects – wood, stone, metal or glass like – and new forms, from the ancient tribal civilizations to hypermodern and almost abstract. The nature and its infinite shapes, as well as the urban atmosphere of the metropolis, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The aroma, intense but never intrusive, released by the natural oils combined with wax, creates a unique and relaxing atmosphere, a perfume that wraps around the house for a long time.

.. Article and images realized by Stefania Leone Perrone

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