Kilaccessories – Manual skill and imagination

Marcello and Cristina’s passion for the manufacture of the leather was born along with their love, in the 70s, the years of guitars and free love. “Born with us, there seems to be a first, it is simply there forever”. In those years they ran a small shop in Padua but, despite the life he has led them to other roads, their passion for the leather has never waned and has never mutated, so that a few years ago, at the foot of Mount Cimone, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, they have decided to take back the reins. So they have chosen to give back to the leather large space in their lives deserves.

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Now as before, the most important tools are the skills of the hands and their imagination, which nowadays has years of experience. It is handmade in the deepest sense of the word, the idea, the design and the implementation. Each clipping, every seam, every turn are the result of careful study and a strong love for what they do. Every bag that comes out of their laboratory brings this love, and becomes a lasting and exclusive partner in life and adventures.

Their works aren’t sold on commission only, but every day they face new challenges, trying to overcome their limits, experimenting, trying and studying new methods of processing leather. Their intention is to extend their market to foreign spaces, where the excellence of Made in Italy and craftsmanship have ample room, focusing on a medium-high target, although their products are of a wide range of prices.

The raw materials together with the craftsmanship skills are everything in this field, and this is why the couple is sourcing only from the best tanneries in Tuscany, also using the vegetable tanning ones, a centennial process that is envied worldwide. In today’s market, a key role is the relationship with the client, and because of this Marcello and Cristina, try to understand exactly what’s the end user’s desire to make it better. The strength of their products rests in the way they adhere to those who choose and use them. The products are absolutely personalized and exclusive.

It should be keep in mind, finally, that in September 2015 they will participate in the “Fashion in Flair di Lucca” fair.

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Vegetable tanning

It’s a process of artisanal production of skins that expert tanners handed down from father to son for over 200 years. It combines ancient recipes jealously protected by their owners, with the arrival of technological innovation. The transformation from raw material into a durable and high-quality fabric is a process that takes place in wooden drums, respecting the environment.

It is an amazing process based on the use of natural tannins, modern technologies and modern machinery, but above all, the slow passage of time. Among the various methods of tanning, vegetable tanning is the most classical, the most traditional, the most recognizable, the most natural and the most ecological – the only one, able to confer particular characteristics of the skin. The vegetable tanning combines comfort to the look, the fashion tradition, and the the unique versatility of a product.


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