I Colori della Seta, the sinuous lines of Genoa

30 years ago Roberta fell in love with silk painting, it happened during an holiday in Amsterdam where she find a small artisan shop specialized in this type of workmanship

She fell in love of it and found her vocation. Once back in Italy she start experimenting at home, armed with patience and passion she bought everything she needed to create her first pieces.

Roberta began to use her free time to paint on the things she found at home: scarves, scarves, lampshades, etc… trying, making mistakes and testing various techniques until she find her favorites.


Over the years her hobby has become her job, the local markets become shops and collaborations with local seamstresses; now Roberta is also involved in customizing wedding dresses and much more.

This craftswoman eager to help those who need a revived silk cloths, give them a certain style, in order to make them unique and in their style.

Experience is everything when it comes to painting silk: it takes precision and speed, things that can be achieved only after a thousand efforts until the brush becomes an extension of your hand.


Roberta is able to create soft and delicate polychrome that enhances the sinuousness and brightness of silk. She is a teacher of the “Serti” technique and the “Tachisme” one, without forgetting all the others.

For this article we have selected 3 dresses made by this master of silk painting. Each dress is unique and shows a different side of Roberta’s work.


The first one is a light and delicate evening dress, or a wedding dress for a beach wedding. Orchids (painted with the Serti technique) enhance the train and the single-shoulder strap, all made in comfy elastic silk. On the back the shoulder strap is embellished with a rhinestone chain. This Ivory dress is designed to enhance the woman shape.


The second one is a set of dresses perfect for mother & child. Is called MiniMe Dress. The mother’s dress has a perforated bodice with adjustable straps, while the one for the child has the shoulders decorated with little shiny buttons. Both skirts are hand-painted Georgette with tones reminiscent of the sea. In homage to the mother there is also a silk scarf with blue painting in the same style of the skirt.


The last is the sober but still unique and colorful Black Sheath Dress. A sheath dress in gabardine with georgette silk sleeves entirely handmade painted; the sleeves are made to leave the shoulders uncovered. This dress is comfortable and at the same time original, perfect for all those occasions when you have to be formal but you still want to put your touch in it.


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  1. Greta 17 October 2018 at 12:27 #

    Splendida artista e splendide creazioni! Complimenti!!!