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Ghenos, the tradition that still lives in the present

Ghenos is a sicilian artisan workshop of ceramics and wood specializing in the creation of art objects and furnishing accessories. It produces every product strictly by hand in the respect of the most traditional craftsmanship techniques.
The Ghenos workshop was born in Messina in 2003 by Scardino brothers, Ivan and Enzo, with the aim of combining the secular Sicilian ceramic tradition with today’s needs and shades.

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The articles proposed are the result of careful design and scrupulous choice and processing of raw materials. This is also possible thanks to the three operational sections of the laboratory:

Shaping department: shaping is the clay processing, when it is still raw; as soon as the piece is dry it becomes about 950 degrees, becoming so a biscuit it assumes the typical brick color, at this point the piece is enamelled, decorated and restored to 920 degrees, the glaze then crystallizes, becoming hard and polished.

Decoration department: the majolica offers a so-called “overgrowth” decoration. The enamel at this stage assumes a “dusty” appearance on which particular metallic oxides are used. A “second cooking” will give the enamel and the colors the distinctive brilliant appearance.

Joinery deparment: at this stage great importance is given to the design, in fact, wood is not only an essential component for the completion of the ceramic artefacts, but is crucial for the realization of unique furnishings and accessories.

Great importance is given to the recovery and study of decor, through a search for signs, moving within the artistic craftsmanship of the island, the area of investigation necessary for the production of artifacts where tradition is combined with new formal solutions .

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The Ghenos workshop with its classical collection relies heavily on the sicilian tradition, both in the use of the decorative element (such as classic baroque leaf or “dolphin”) and in the use of color; in fact the typical colors of Sicilian ceramics are blue, yellow, rhino green and red carmine. Here there are the creations inspired by Sicily, the motherland of the Scardino brothers:

Trinacria: one of the ancient names of Sicily, the trinacria is a symbol still representative it today, it is present in the flag of the region and is composed of the Gorgon head, whose hair is twisted snakes with corn stems, from which radiate three folded legs at the height of the knee. Gorgone is a mythological character, according to the Greek poet Esiodo (VIII – beginning of the 7th century BC) was each of the three daughters of Forc and Ceto, two divinities of the sea: Medusa (the gorgon for antonomasia), Steno (“the strong “), Euriale (” the spacious “). For some “Trinacria” could means treis (three) and àkra (promontories) that represent the three “vertices” of the “triangle” (the Sicily geographical shape).

Teste di moro (Maure Head): the story tells that the Maure head were nothing more than the broken heads of two lovers abducted by a clandestine love, that of a young Sicilian girl of noble origins and a young Arab who scandalized the family who, to avoid shame, came to sift both heads. Another legend, always of tormented love, tells us that a young man fell in love at first sight of a beautiful Sicilian, was so impressed that he immediately declared his love to the beautiful girl that, overwhelmed by passion, returned his love, but a good day the girl found that – not only had to go back to his country – he also had a wife and children that wait him at home, so a night, when he slept, she tooks his head off and used it as a jar for his envious plants.

Horses: animals representing Sicily also historically speaking, in fact, in the Sicilian caves, among which are the ones of Addaura, Niscemi and Cala dei Genovesi, we find graffiti dating back to prehistoric times that underline the ancient presence of these precious animals used by always for trade, migration, exchanges, invasions and much more.

Another popular subject is the paladins scenes, very popular because they are reproduced in the side of the Sicilian carriages, with bright and brilliant colors.


Other products created in the Ghenos laboratory are always ispired by Sicily, in fact, they apply the creations of the decorations that always conquer the beautiful Italian region such as citrus flowers and the sun, as in these examples:

The “Synkeran Line”, the exclusive collection of the Ghenos lab, is aimed at combining several graphic elements that together create a unique design. It is no coincidence that the name of the line comes from the Greek word “syncretism”, that is, the fusion of heterogeneous cultural or religious elements belonging to two or more different cultures. In the specific case, the traced signs arise from a reinterpretation of the Sicilian decoration known to be influenced by Moorish, Arabic and Baroque characters.

They are also working on a line designed for children: “Le Fiabiche”, that is the union of “fiabe” (fables) and “ceramiche” (ceramics); The themes of fairy tales give you the inspiration to create books, lamps, teapots etc.

Ghenos highlight?

That is a niche reality that allows us to establish a direct relationship with the customer by offering an exclusive and high quality product. In fact, for years now, our production focuses on making tailor-made and customized work, only so someone can distinguish it in a time where everything is massed and industrialized.


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