Fabiola Ronconi Atelier, 100% designed and crafted handmade

Fabiola Ronconi showcases her creative in her atelier at Bellaria Igea Marina , a classic italian maritime location.

In her youth Fabiola made her own clothes, in order to prove her uniqueness in those important years of growth; this cultivate her creativity and gave a unique style that manages to be very versatile because it has been refined over the years and has been contaminated by all the currents and past fashions.


Fabiola has always considered an adventure for life, an everyday challenge, create from scratch all the clothing that can serve to a modern woman.

From the first models made by chaining clothes already in her possession,according to here too anonymous, Fabiola has always done everything with her hands, from the patterns up to the last finish.

Although it all started as a hobby, a way to stand out from others, later Fabiola decided to learn the techniques and the secrets of thi art: she attend special courses and after the Scuola di Modellista Industriale (School of Industrial Modeller) of Rimini, where she graduated without problems having already experience in the field.

Over the years Fabiola has gone from creating clothes for herself, to creating for her friends, and finally she opens her own shop. Among of her many successes, one of the most recent was brought her first “real” collection of clothes to a local fashion show receiving many praises.

Even though her atelier has officially opened just a year ago, this artisan has almost 40 years of experience ! Many of her models are unique, precisely because they are created on the flicker of the moment and/or using, or heavily customizing, rare fabrics.

Thanks to her great versatility and creativity Fabiola can satisfy styles and tastes of Italian women. We don’t have the time to describe all the products of this whimsical artisan (also because she produces new models almost every day) but we will try to do a quick excursion to get an idea of her versatility.


For the most whimsical, nature lovers or simply green color passionate there is the T-shirt n°7, a t-shirt with the print of various flowers and leaves on a light green base. It’s a perfect garment for these warm months, perfect for on the beach and in the city, with the assurance of stand out in the crowd.


There are also the fun and original pants Giulietta, perfect for the summer as they are a rain of ice-cream, some very inviting and varied tastes ice-creams indeed. How can you resist to a strawberry ice cream? Or chocolate one? Or the classic vanilla? Not to mention that it is a unique piece, so we can assure you that no one else will never have pants like this.


Staying on the subject of summer the kaftan Claudia it’s perfect for ladies or THE evenings of these months. The internal culisse at waist-height helps to highlight the curves while the V-neck shows off the décolleté. The kaftan is pure silk with a classic, slightly vintage, floral pattern.

This is only a very small selection of products on our store you can find many other t-shirts, dresses and trousers and make yourself an idea about Fabiola’s products! We remembering again that if something catches your eyes you should hurry up because are almost all unique pieces!


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