Arturdesign, a butler for all occasions

Arturdesign takes the name from the first creation of this laboratory: “Arturo, il maggiordomo personale (the personal butler)”.

Arturo and all the resulting butlers, old and new, are designed by Alberto Palmucci and his team. Every day this group study or work on a new piece: from furnishing accessories, to furniture itself all based on unusual shapes.


What Alberto produces is not only beautiful for be beautiful, this laboratory projects pay particular attention to functionality, everything need to be practical and usable at any time of the day depending on the prefixed purpose.

Take for example the first project, the aforementioned Arturo: during a party at the home of friends Alberto noticed a lack of shelves so many were forced to go around with the glass in their hands, it was uncomfortable and tiring.


Alberto decided that he had to find a solution: something small, with a stable support but that he could also be easily transportable, and not a eyesore. Arturo born soon after, together with the Arturdesign laboratory and the rest is now carved in history.

Alberto is particularly attentive to the needs of restaurants and farms, his “helpers” are designed specifically for them.


The Louis series was born for this: the Menu Holder is perfect for restaurants and will do everything to show what you propose. Its structure is made entirely of birch wood and decorated with high quality paints, to make it resistant to the passage of time.

The base have a stabilizing mass to give more stability and its easy to carry; eventually it is also possible to request a base with wheels. In addition to stability, it is safe for outdoor use because the menu door is covered with a sheet of magnetized Plexiglas.


The table empty pockets  puts at your service the Monsieur Louis in multiple ways, thanks to its great versatility. At the entrance, in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the living room, it will always be ready to free you from yours the clutter. Like all Arturdesign products, this is also made of birch and decorated with high quality paints.

It can be used both at home and for decorate rooms and atriums of hotels, restaurants and bed & breakfast.


We conclude with bottle rack, a unique and original piece of furniture, a mix of design and art that can make any environment unique and original. Perfect for the lovers of good wine or for show a selection of wines in a restaurant.

In addition to being beautiful, it is also designed to be practical: its large and sturdy tray allows you to use it as a support, like a table, and in the lower part has the slots for glasses and under can hold 8 or 12 bottles.

With a single complement you can arrange bottles and glasses as well as use it as a tasting plan, all in one design solution.


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