Art-i-fizio, “Fabrizio of Syracuse”

Art-i-Fizio is the great adventure of Fabrizio Salerno , who name and nickname was always “ Fizio “. So “Art-i-Fizio” contains the name of its designer and literally means “the art of Fizio” in Sicilian dialect .


Fabrizio born in the city of the great Archimedes , Syracuse. Archimedes is the hero of Fabrizio. The passion for mechanics and innovation has led this original craftsman to study “Car Design” at the European Institute of Design where, among other things, he designed the “H.A.L.O. Hybrid Advance Line Over”, a futuristic car.

Once he finished the studies Fabrizio reconverted the knowledge acquired in the IED to applying it to his passion for the artistic metals working. Art-i-Fizio born from this particular combination of design, passion and more.

Fabrizio call himself “ materic poet ” because the accessories he creates are unique objects born from a dream, an illusion that is realized in the reality of shapes. They overcome the pure aesthetics of the object because through movement they are searching for something deeper. An alchemy between matter in transformation and wonder. Every piece created by Fabrizio is not what seems in appearance, but hides much more and challenges you to unveil its arcane secrets.


What Fabrizio realizes are multifunction fashion accessories, “walking sculptures”, objects with a functional and aesthetically pleasing design, etc … This master of metal is able to transform into something unexpected everyday things like: lighters, key rings and so on. Often the raw materials are recycled from scraps that have taken unusual geometric shapes; objects classified as “unusable” in the minds of most of the people who see them, but for Fabrizio represent a challenge to transform them into something original, to give them new life and function.

The pieces created by the “materic poet” are mainly in silver, copper, brass and nickel; you can find some examples below and a more complete list on our store.


Secret RoBox it’s a secret box disguised as a robot or an animal (turtle, dog, cat). These are objects of ingenuity, puzzles that open only in a certain way and defend what they secretly contain. Do not worry with the RoBox that you will choose you also receive the fancy instructions designed by Fabrizio himself. Besides being a useful and easy to carry object, the unique and captivating design will immediately trigger the envy of everyone!


Fabrizio also creates pendants that look like Gyroscope recycling old liras. In addition to being a beautiful necklace with a particular design, the gyro part is easy to detach and can be used, on a flat surface, like a real gyroscope. Alas we are not at Hogwarts and this is not a Time-Turner , so it can not take you back in time.


Staying on the subject, you can also buy an Astrolabe ring. This ring moves on three axes, just take it out and turn the main ring to place it comfortably and artistically on the table. It is made in Sterling Silver with silver seals.

On our store you can find many other products made by this Machiavellian inventor (money clips, belts, etc …), our personal Archimedes.

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