Adriano Concas, true passion always wins

Sardinian craftsmanship is the source of numerous excellences that from time to time we discover and that fascinate us as much as the tradition of the past that emanate. Yes, because Sardinia is a land full of ancient traditions and values that we can still rediscover thanks to the many craftsmen who populate it, with passion and desire to hand down they give us handmade creations, marvels that only the artisan know-how can create.

We speak in this article about one of our most loyal craftsmen: Adriano Concas.
Adriano has his workshop in Villaputzu, in the province of Cagliari. In his beautiful Sardinia deals with the processing of copper in all respects. Copper turns out to be a malleable element and adaptable to creations that are very useful in everyday life, but also a very particular element for the creation of decorative and artistic objects. Copper is undoubtedly the metal that man has been working for a long time, considering that copper objects have been found coming from 8th century BC and his league has given its name to one of the historical periods: the Bronze Age.

Adriano opened his workshop in 2011 after 35 years of career as an installer, copper is therefore a material that he already knew very well and, over the years, he became increasingly fascinated by the malleability and coloration that it gained with the flaming process. Driven by these stimulus, Adriano started this way in 2011 to make some copper creations and, seeing that he gave him several satisfactions, he took courage and, with such cramp and desire to do, opened his own laboratory, becoming his own main profession. Adriano has become a leader in his business, which today has many shipments of his belongings all over Europe, and has now also obtained a contact that allows him to sell his items in America. For all this Adriano – rightly – is very proud, considering that he had a lot of courage to change jobs and to start a self-taught activity on his own.

His activity focuses on the continuous research of ancient tools belonging to the culture of Sardinian cuisine, which then faithfully reproduces according to ancient traditions, without ever forgetting the modern designs that are present in today’s culture. Adriano creates for the kitchen, in addition to the pans and pans in copper, also tools for carving and decorating fresh pasta for traditional desserts and ceremonial bread, which previously worked to decorate it for special days such as holidays or for example for marriages. Adriano turns out to be one of the few artisans in Italy to create even today this type of traditional utensils.

Here is a video that show the creation of the pot “Su Prattu De Cassa” (Hunting plate) that reproduces an ancient pot formed by two superimposed plates. This pot is made of sheet, copper pipe and tin, the last is an intuitive addition by Adriano, as the tin creates a layer of protection between the copper plate and the acid of the dish that derives from this that is cooked. The pot is then beaten by hand and tin-plated in fire. Mainly used to cook game meat on a low flame, but also ideal for fish and vegetables.

Besides the ideas to facilitate the ways of cooking, Adriano offers in his rich production also sculptures, lamps and chandeliers of which we have a wide selection on our portal. Adriano explains to us the processing procedure that dates back to ancient times and still today takes place through these phases: sheet beating, forging, bending and, unlike kitchen utensils, here he added the painting phase, because if the copper remains in contact with oxygen it changes and becomes black, so to avoid oxidation Adriano protects it with a film.

Adriano participates in many fairs, festivals and events throughout the year, among others:
– the Cagliari Christmas Fair, a fair that he found very interesting in which he exhibited his work
– the Scirarindi Festival in Cagliari, which takes place in November, where ethical and organic products are sold, a topic that Adriano cares about.
– the Artistic Craft Fair in Sardinia that takes place in Mogoro in Oristano, which every year becomes more and more important and visited and that has given Adriano much satisfaction.
The peculiarity of our craftsman is that he not only exposes his products to these fairs, but shows his passion by working under the eyes of all, to show how they are born and how they are created.

His activity also has a noble aim, that is to make known the beauty of manual work to the new generations, avoiding that this ancient trade be lost, thus continuing to pass on this manual craft, one of the oldest ever. Adriano is very committed to this and in fact has proposed to the teaching area in his town a workshop for guys, to let him know the beauty of manual work and handing down the tradition; manual laboratory that we hope will start already with the new year.

* Thanks to Massimo Loi – – for video and photo / A.Concas


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