Mauro Veronesi, the “enthusiast” master

Today is Mauro Veronesi, a self-employed worker, a self-taught man and a “wood enthusiast” (as he likes to call himself) in love with shavings and cutters.

Among the many successes of Mauro the most recent was to have participated at the Mostra Internazionale dell’Artigianato of Florence where he exhibited his objects, furnishings and more, receiving many praises for their quality and originality.


Its all started one day like many others, in a situation where we all, sooner or later, found ourselves: I need a new library.

Mauro goes to his trusted carpenter, who was too overburdened with work, so Mauro think “How difficult can it be? I just need the wood and some knowledge!”; so he bought a book about library building and bought the necessary wood… and the rest is history

The most complicated part was to buy the right tools and to find a work space. At first Mauro leaned on a faithful friend, while now he has a country house with a big and appropriate laboratory fully supplied.


Mauro’s works always had a “homemade” flavor. After the “famous” bookshop he created a special nutcracker for his wife, an excellent cook and a lady of hazelnut cakes. The problem was that she couldn’t use the traditional nutcracker well because of a wrist problem, so Mauro create a special nutcracker for her and that became his brand object.

In time Mauro’s technique refined, the hands were moving alone and he began to think new ideas for things to build and new experiments to do… and born the carpentry Mauro Veronesi born!

The technique favored by this craftsman is the inlay with it he create intricate and complex inlays while playing with the color of finest woods, creating new and unusual combinations. Each piece created by Mauro are made with high quality raw materials and hours of hard work.


His other peculiarity is that almost all the objects created by this master have no metal parts, all the mechanisms work according to a game of joints. The objects are made f solid wood and do not require special maintenance treatments. Obviously, being a handmade product, each piece is unique and some of them are more unique than others because they are made with particular ancient elements.

Now Mauro is completely “slave” of the wood, he is in love at the point that he can no longer live without it. All this love comes from the fact that this new passion allows him to see realized the ideas in his mind. Sometimes it’s an hard process, but there is no greater satisfaction than seeing an idea become true and concrete.

On our store you can find the complete line of Mauro’s notorious nutcrackers, in all their shapes and sizes as well as the special methods used to break the nuts.


Nutcrecker old hammer, it’s a nutcracker with a hammer of the last century found in a farmhouse. Unlike normal nutcracker this uses gravity to break the shells so, for those who use it, it is not necessary to be strong.


Nutcracker lever first istance base on the Class 1 lever principle: push down and the nut breaks with ease. It also keeps the table clean because it has a convenient pan collects peels.


Nutcracker hammer double-strike instead it is designed to crush walnuts with friends since it has two trays and a hammer to fight for. In addition its shape and colors also make it an excellent centerpiece, in case you have already stocked with nuts.

Do not worry, this is just a small selection and there are many other nutcracker that you can take home, in addition to other objects such as tables, frames, trays, hangers and so on, you just need a click to discover them all.


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