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Made in Italy for. me is the Internet portal that gathers all types of excellence of Italian craftsmanship

From regional typicality impossible to find to the best Italian artifacts of all types and materials, ensuring 100% made ​​in Italy and care for the environment, both during processing and in the choice of materials.

Born from a mixture of passion for the craft, computer science and the enhancement of the Italian territory, Made in Italy for Me, offers the opportunity to discover, catalog and buy Italian high value handicrafts, from the most typical of our traditions to the more contemporary and with Design Made in Italy.

Buy Italian typical handicrafts from all around the world and require tailor-made objects of all types, it has never been so easy!

Here you can talk about craft and new techniques, fairs, events and much more; commenting the articles in the blog, through our social channels or by communicating directly with the drafting to publish articles.

If you’re a crafter: you can promote your business, having your own website and sell through our e-shop in all around the world at great rates.

You will be accompanied at each stage, from the creation of contents to translations, with professional marketing campaigns, transportation, customs management, support and management of any possible litigation. You can take part in the project “Tour of Craft” and bring in your shop tourists from all around the world and yet, participate in exhibitions/market in the historic centres of Italian cities that will organize Madeinitalyfor.me since 2015.


Promote the “made in Italy 100%” and the many riches of our country in the world, through the small artisan shops. Offer a complete web service for Italian artisans, from the great visibility, telling through the web, habits, history, culture, work, traditions and techniques, of which the artisans handed down for centuries the secrets. Give the opportunity, to those who don’ t live in Italy, to really understand our culture, discover beautiful places of our country and have easy and direct marketing channels with Italian excellence craftsmen.

Who we work for

We appeal to all those who want to know something more about the riches of Italian manufacturing, to those who want to buy craft or simply come to Italy and touch it with his own hand. On the other hand, we address to those who, craftsman, he wants to promote and sell handmade Italian artifacts of all types and materials all over the world.

Who can sell:

  • Italian professionals artisans with VAT number that realize artifacts entirely in Italy: blacksmiths, carpenters, upholsterers, masons, glaziers, goldsmiths, (Affiliation Basic, Advanced, Deluxe)
  • The artisans are subject to a selection by Madeinitalyfor.me.

Who can buy:

  • The purchase has allowed everyone, from all over the world provided major of 18. Thanks to the wide variety of artifacts, ideas and materials, you can find interesting products for everyone, from children to elderly.

Who can promote:

  • Italian professionals artisans with VAT number that realize artifacts entirely in Italy: blacksmiths, carpenters, upholsterers, masons, glaziers, goldsmiths, (Storytelling Promotion and Web Marketing)
  • The artisans are subject to a selection by Madeinitalyfor.me.

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Who works in MadeinItalyfor.me

fArmando Salerno Mele, 39 years old from Taranto, graduated in “Management Informatics” in Bologna, Fauclty of MM.FF.NN; Masters in Webmarketing and Communication at the “Stoega di Luca”; has working experiences in international logistics, webmarketing and events planning; creator and manager of the project MadeInItalyfor.me under the individual proprietorship of Artisans WebService. (Team-manager, financial management, PR, investments research).


Alessandro Fabbro, 33, Venetian resident in Bologna, graduated in Philosophy and Human Sciences and Master in Computer Science for the Humanities. Computer Skills: Adobe Creative Suite, Web (WordPress, HTML5). Work Experience: web designer, TV operator, cameraman, photographer, fotoritoccatore, assistant capture digital camera at Numérique for YOOX, Style Magazine and Cosmopolitan. (Management and data entry side e-commerce, sales management back-office, editing, photography and multimedia management).

Paola - sezione chi siamoPaola Scazzina, 31 years old from Bologna, graduated in Communication Sciences (University of Bologna) and Master in Communication, Management and New Media (University of San Marino). Work experience: social media manager (facebook, instagram, pinterest), blog article creation, data management and insertion, newsletter processing, graphics workflow, site updating (wordpress).

Collaborano attivamente al progetto:

Cesare Del Grosso (data collection and analysis, management social, transport, promotional materials)

Julian Kuci (Relations International, translation management portal / Blog madeinitalyfor.me)


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The owner of this site is Artisans WebService by Armando Salerno Mele, VAT no. 02868200730, registration number at the Register of Companies of Taranto REA: TA-175586 – Headquarters: 138 Viale Virgilio, cap.74121 Taranto.