La Quercia 21


La Quercia 21

La Quercia 21” is a Project born from the Meet of two Woodworkers: an artisan-design Laboratory, an eclectic container of Ideas, Materials and Technincs.

Drawing inspiration from the History of furniture and constantly experimenting new aesthetics and functional Solutions, we design and realize in our Laboratory Furniture on request: Tables, Chairs, Lamps, Bookcases, Counters, Beds, Wardrobes, Stairs and wood-structures.

We used the combination of several woody Essences, but recycled Materials as well, for example part of old Furniture, Parquet’out-and-s waste, wood Construction-industry’s already used.

Different Essences create a Palette of Colours one can play with, in order to create Shapes which cut through the Furniture’s Surface, out-and-out wood- textiles. Every Piece is entirely hand-made, combining slots, mosaics, marquetries and laquerings. Our Products are then treated with natural oil, water and Beeswax Finishing.

“The Quercia 21” presents itself as an open space of co- Planning with Clients, Architects and Designers. Our Catalogue is a flexible one: all Objects showed can be made on request with different Dimensions, colours, shapes and functions. “Quercia 21” Owners are: Luca De Pascalis and Nicola Gubiotti.


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Una fantastica cucina con materiali di recupero by LaQuercia21

Laquercia21 presenta una cucina, tutta incentrata sull’abbinamento di due elementi: cemento e vecchio legno di recupero

La Quercia 21 - Two carpenters, one projectLa Quercia 21 – Due falegnami, un progetto

La Quercia 21 is an open space of co-design, a design workshop craftsLa Quercia 21 è uno spazio aperto di co-progettazione, un laboratorio di design artigianale